Who Is Making Policy For Schools?

policy for schools
Presentation to schools: Gender Identity is innate

The image above shows a presentation from a local Southend trans support group called Transpire, founded by a 54 year-old transsexual male called Gina Denham who teaches children that we all have a ‘gender identity’ which exists in the womb and is independent of both our socialisation and our biological sex. It is this ‘gender identity’ which makes us a boy or a girl and actually being male or female is irrelevant.

Transpire recently forced a school to change its policies in service of this ideology. Under the guise of ‘inclusion’ and ‘integration’ Gina Denham led an aggressive campaign to force a school in Rochford to remove sex-based rights and protections for its female students.

The trans pupil in question has been known by the Transpire group for two years so has presumably been thoroughly conditioned into the belief that he is literally female. As with Lily Madigan at his school in Kent, this one pupil has been afforded the power to change policy affecting all other pupils at the school with the help of a powerful transgender lobby.

The Transpire campaign began on Facebook:

policy for schools

The campaign continued on Twitter where King Edmund School Head Jonathan Osborn was bombarded with tweets of complaint, using the hashtag #BeInclusiveNotAbusive. A lot of the subsequent tweets have been deleted from Transpire’s Twitter account so we have had to use sceencaps from archived tweets:

policy for schools

The pressure was increased by letting a few other people know about the ‘discrimination’ going on at King Edmund school, including the local BBC station, Stonewall, the DfE, Ofsted, Pink News and the local District Council:

policy for schools

Adding LGBT Pride groups and the Prime Minister:

policy for schools

And a few more, including Mermaids and other well-known activists:

policy for schools

A few more are recruited, including the local newspaper, County Council and the leader of the Labour Party:

policy for schools

Inviting a pile-on from some more trans activist groups:

policy for schoolsAnd a few more:

policy for schools

Another tweet to the Head, including a ticking-off about ‘gendered titles’:

policy for schools

And another, including Essex County Council:

policy for schools

And some pressure on the Social Faculty leader:

policy for schools

More pressure, including the school’s Teaching and Learning Community:

policy for schools

And more, including the School Business Manager:

policy for schools

The Mayor of London is informed:

policy for schoolsAnd another:

policy for schools

And finally, “everyone wins!”

policy for schools

The whole campaign, from start to finish, took 6 days. No time to show ‘due regard’ by assessing the impact on pupils protected under the protected characteristic ‘sex’ as the school is legally obliged to do before changing policy. How is this not in breach of Equality law? The pupil involved is legally male, not female, and single-sex provisions are lawful under the Equality Act, for reasons of privacy. The example of school facilities used in the Equality and Human Rights Commission Technical Guidance (3.20) does not state that a pupil protected under ‘gender reassignment’ as transsexual should be allowed to use the facilities of the opposite sex:

The way in which school facilities are provided can lead to discrimination. Example: A school fails to provide appropriate changing facilities for a transsexual pupil and insists that the pupil uses the boys’ changing room even though she is now living as a girl. This could be indirect gender reassignment discrimination unless it can be objectively justified. A suitable alternative might be to allow the pupil to use private changing facilities, such as the staff changing room or another suitable space.

King Edmund School is praised for showing “flexibility and openness to change” whereas in fact they were coerced by a campaign designed to intimidate and shame them for their ‘abusive’ policy of ‘discrimination’ and ‘segregation’, clearly risking damage to the school’s reputation. One tweeter even likened it to ‘apartheid.’

Although the final tweet proclaims ‘Everyone wins!’ Denham freely admits in this BBC report that the victory is only for the transgender student and everyone else’s needs and rights are unimportant:

“It’s about giving people the opportunity to use the toilet they are comfortable with, not what the school is comfortable with.”

So who is Gina Denham and what gives this individual so much power that a school changes its whole policy to cater to the demands of just one pupil?

The schools presentation shown at the start of this post is part of Denham’s Transitioning for Beginners project which sells to children the idea that ‘changing your gender’ can be “fun but daunting!”

policy for schools

As well as the book and the presentation there is a video series in which we learn about the presumably ‘daunting’ bit. Denham explains the dilation procedures necessary after vaginoplasty surgery, in order to prevent what is essentially an open wound from closing up, including a display of the dildos necessary for this task. Denham tells us that dilation must continue for life, although the three-times-a-day schedule eases off gradually over the first year, after which once a week is enough. This is actually very useful information, the kind of detail that of course kids have no idea about. Even Denham, an adult, seems taken aback by exactly what the creation and maintenance of a neo-vagina entails. This is what ‘transition’ means in reality: it is not the ‘fun’ lifestyle choice Denham sells to schoolchildren.

There are varying and complex reasons why different people want to transition to the opposite sex, with or without gender dysphoria; the term ‘transgender’ covers them all. Denham is a late-transitioning heterosexual male who followed a ‘macho’ career as a police sergeant, cross-dressed in private, is married and has fathered his own children, a profile most commonly associated with autogynephilia.

policy for schools

Denham’s online videos reveal his sense of absolute entitlement to the word ‘woman,’ a confidence no doubt built through a successful career as a male in a male-dominated profession. Having fathered his own children he has no qualms about advocating to children a model of understanding themselves which may well leave them infertile.

As the non-scientific claim of ‘innate gender identity’ becomes enshrined culturally and politically, schools seeking guidance may be inadvertently bringing in speakers who are the least qualified to help children and adolescents, but are given legitimacy by the umbrella term ‘transgender.’

Denham can have no idea of what it is actually like to be a teenage girl and no understanding of the factors which may encourage them to want to ‘transition.’ Nor can he have much sympathy for ‘pre-gay’ children who are the ones most likely to have a cross-sex identity in childhood, an identity they are overwhelmingly likely to grow out of if there were no adults around reinforcing it daily.

He clearly has no compassion for girls, nor any understanding of the embarrassment and threat they may feel from being forced to share facilities with biologically male classmates. Given his experience as a police sergeant it is surprising that he has no compunction in advocating the blurring of boundaries between the sexes and no recognition of the protection and safeguarding issues this raises for girls.

It is recognised that the majority (around 80%) of children suffering gender dysphoria will outgrow it. Why then would schools invite in adults who are in the minority who didn’t? Children are being misled into thinking that persistence is inevitable, particularly when they are taught that their ‘gender identity’ was actually fixed in the womb and therefore will not change. In fact, the overwhelming evidence says that it will. The promotion of only one immutable reason for a cross-sex identity is a dereliction of duty towards all children who present with gender dysphoria.

Nobody should be promoting the pseudo-scientific theory of ‘innate gender identity’ to impressionable schoolchildren as if it is fact. Those who are invested in the idea as validation for themselves and their own decisions as adults are the least suitable to be teaching children or dictating school policies to suit their own personal agenda. When a school can be forced to cast aside its duty towards all children so quickly and easily we have to start asking some serious questions.

Update: after we published this post, Transpire deleted all their tweets in this campaign. Luckily we had archived them all so were able to replace deleted tweets with screen shots from the archived pages.

Further update: the video in the ‘Transitioning for Beginners’ series in which Denham explains dilation procedures has now been removed from Youtube.

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  1. Joan Appleton

    This ongoing upsurge of transgender must be continually confronted and constantly challenged by those of us who know it is a manipulation of the truth.
    Gender is a social construction which conveniently refuses to acknowledge human biology.
    Those of us who know and fully accept that the body’s we are born with is safe and secure, have the task of challenging the distortions trans people preach. We must find ways of talking truth to these outright lies planted on young and vulnerable people.

  2. E

    This is really scary. Glad I am not in the U.K.! As a scientist, this pseudoscience makes me cringe.

  3. Rob

    Personally i feel that neither side has any right to dictate the rights or wrongs of a childs gender identity. Surely it is a matter for that child to decide for them self? As the child matures it should be given information relating to the situation that they themself request. Any more (or less) is not the right of any other individual to interfere, whichever side they advocate.

    1. Joan Appleton

      It’s clear you have little notion of the implications for young people and children.
      You will note how M/F dress in accordance to the stereotypical image of female; ie, blue for boys, pink for girls— a huge divide in each other’s world experience. Males cannot possibly know what being born female means; the lived everyday experience, much of it anti woman.
      Children are hugely dependent on being guided by caring responsible adults who know there is no such thing as a wrong body— this split is reinforced by existing social so called norms; dividing the sexes l; it’s this factor which is the wrong, not bodies— let’s balance the scales on this; women have been struggling against for years.
      The subject has many many implications.

  4. Cheryl Angle

    Yes! Exactly why are heterosexual adult males with sex arousal issues about dressing in sexist stereotype feminine attire have ANYTHING to do with our children? Outrageous.

    1. Rob

      Cheryl Angle, you have obviously not researched or understood a true transgendered person. There are many different manifestations of people wearing clothes and taking the identity of the opposite gender, not just sexually excited males wearing female clothes. This sort of person is as you say sexually excited by wearing what they perceive as a forbidden attire, that of a female. If they had a gender reassignment they would no longer get sexual excitement from this situation, and so have absolutely no interest in changing their gender. It is akin to people saying you must be gay as only gays do drag. Again this is another completely different lifestyle condition nothing to do with being transgendered. Many heterosexual objectors also have a belief that if you are male to female transgendered you are a paedophile, again totally wrong. What you should be asking is why either side of the argument is attempting to impose their belief on a vulnerable child. Forcing an opinion on a child, whatever that opinion may be is nothing short of criminal, at its least it is highly questionable.

      1. Jane

        Rob please look up Autogynephilia and HSTS. Much of what you have said is wrong.

        1. Cheryl Angle

          Thanks Jane. Some of us do know transvestites IRL who do not go along with gender ideology that says penis is female.

          Autogynephiles should not be teaching sex Ed to kids.

          1. Rob

            Cheryl Angle, i know many people who have gender identity disorder, not just Transvestites. I think you are right there are many people who have trouble with their identity, and having a penis does not relate to being female. You say AGP people should not be teaching Sex Education in schools, and i totally agree. I also think teaching relating to Gender Dysphoria should not be taught in school either. Why do schools allow this sort of thing to be presented to vulnerable children at a formative time in their life? People by their replies to some of my previous comments (including the Moderator) seem to have formed the opinion that i am endorsing such teaching in school , which i am not. At the same time the condition should be understood a little more by the adult population rather than just dismissing the condition as a perversion, which to the greater percentage of sufferers it isnt.

    2. Rob

      Cheryl Angle you have reasserted your opinion by saying, “why are heterosexual adult males with sex arousal issues about dressing in sexist stereotype feminine attire have ANYTHING to do with our children? Outrageous.” How do you know Gina Denham has Heterosexualadult male sex arousal issues? has she made this claim herself, or is it a figment of your mind running rampant?

  5. Charles Lewis

    It is unbelievable how governmental and education bodies have bought into the nonsense of ‘true gender is in the head and not between the legs’. Any halfway intelligent person, not biased as are the transgender activists, can see that it is nonsense, a total fabrication, with no basis in reality, invented fairly recently by the activists in order to feel better about themselves. Part of this objective is to turn as many of our children as possible into transgender at the first possible opportunity, regardless of the harm created by massive drug ingestion and radical self-harm to their otherwise healthy body. One has to ask how on earth did anyone anywhere take this pernicious nonsense seriously. It is on the way to creating chaos in society.

    1. Rob

      Charles Lewis, the only part where you come anywhere close to the truth of the matter is where you say that “true gender is in the head and not between the legs” True gender is more likely between the head and legs equally.

  6. Rebecca

    It is not up to the child to decide…. Children have no idea about any of these things. We need to teach them about boundaries and self love. About respect for one another and for the world that they will inherit. I think teaching them about gender enforces stereotypes and potentially has a long and lasting emotional and physical effects. We are all born different with different ideas and beliefs but science is science and you can’t deny it. Women and Men exist as opposite sexes not as a different colour on a gender fun day chart. One day i’m this the next day I’m that. How utterly ridiculous. The differences between us are biological and denying that is dangerous and morally wrong and unacceptable.

    1. Joan Appleton

      Thank You Rebecca, well said!

  7. Rob

    Rebecca, nobody denies that it is a biological thing, but the mental state is also part of the biologocal makeup. You only seem to be thinking of the obvious, physical side of gender. I do think also, that it is totally to do with what the child personally wants, and i agree with you, no one, for or against such gender issues should be indoctrinating a child in ANY manner. Let the child grow up, and make a decision in their own time.

  8. Dave

    Last month, Lily Madigan, a transgender activist and Labour Party women’s officer attended a night club. Lily, clearly unhappy with what happened at the club, tweeted “Big thanks (not) to G-A-Y Late for making me get searched by a man – I’m sick of transphobia at your gay club”


    So, it seems that the trans activist believes a person’s “gender identity” gives them the right to privacy and dignity once afforded to people on account of their sex.

    Presumably Lily believes that “non-binary” people should have the right to be searched by a non-binary person. And let’s not forget all the other “genders” we hear about.

  9. Paul

    Across the pond here in the US I follow this website often. The one aspect I find strange is why is this policy dictated through the likes of twitter and facebook? Where are the adults in the room? Are there not official processes? Written letters?

    Furthermore, I think it is probably easy to determine that the rise in ROGD is corrolated to the rise of social media platforms. Anxious, insecure girls are often the victims. That modern psycholgists cannot see the correlation is strange and gives me no trust in the mental health profession especially when dealing with adolescence.

  10. Jane

    Rob please look up Autogynephilia and HSTS. Much of what you have said is wrong.

    1. Rob

      Jane, Autogynephilia is a very specific condition, to be consider someone with this condition because they dress is totally wrong, they are closer to what is termed a “cross dresser” you seem to be blanket assuming any person who dresses in the opposite genders dress is AGP, and this couldnt be further from the truth. I suggest you research a wider source than just AGP, and then applying it to all people who “dress”. Furthermore your narrow minded ness does not explain why some females identify with being transgendered. Are they too AGP?

    2. Rob

      Jane i have now read the wikipedia definition of AGP and i quote, “Sexologist Ray Blanchard coined the term autogynephilia in 1989 to describe MtF transsexuals who were sexually aroused by the idea of being women”. As i have already described to you, a transgendered person often has their own, personal reason for their feelings, and being “sexually aroused by the idea of being women” is only a small amount of people who consider themselves as transgendered. Incidentally, this is why the definition of someone undergoing surgery is now referred to as “transgendered” rather than “transsexual”. You should note that “Gender” is what someone sees their status as (male or female) whereas sex is what two people do in bed. the two things, although interlinked, are actually two different things. Jane you obviously do not understand the subject, and as you cannot see there is some basis for it, you would rather scandalise it by referring to all Transgendered as AGP. You really need to research the condition more rather than making sweeping statements. You should also note Ray Blanchard, who coined the phrase is termed as a “sexologist” i would think that his field of work is more to do with sex than gender?

      1. Transgender Trend

        Rob, the people who comment on this site tend to be very well-informed and don’t rely on Wikipedia for their information. To find out more about autogynephilia and different models of gender dysphoria we suggest you start with this post https://4thwavenow.com/2017/12/07/gender-dysphoria-is-not-one-thing/ and also look at the work of Anne Lawrence. We notice you are coming in a lot to argue with commentators here and although we value discussion it gets a bit tiresome moderating replies to comments when the purpose just seems to be to say ‘you’re wrong.’ We may get a bit stricter in our moderation of comments for that reason which we hope you will understand.

        1. Rob

          Transgender trend Moderator thank you for the internet link, but the reason i am seemingly appearing a lot on the site is because i have recently found your site, and feel it has some very valid points. My views are not at total odds with the values you hold, but i am of an opinion a lot of the contributors answering me in an ongoing way seem to have a predetermined view similar to what is termed “blinkered”. I feel myself that Gina Denham should not be lecturing children in school, just as her objectors should not be forcing their personal opinion on a child. If you refer back to one of my previous posts i do not condone a child being indoctrinated by either the “for” or “against” camps. A child has the right to grow up in a safe environment, and when the time is right and the child is old enough to make their own decision, and be considered to be responsible. they should be able to make their own decision without outside influence. During this time it is a parents duty to protect their child and reasonably consider what the child desires as it grows up. From reading of the aggressive tone of both camps reminds me of the mediaeval witch hunts where an accused was thrown in the village pond. If they sank they were innocent but drowned, but if they floated they were executed. The for and against camps on this website seem to have this mindset. Surely we should cast aside our beliefs and prejudices and actually consider the childs best course as it matures?

          I have started to read the pade you noted, https://4thwavenow.com/2017/12/07/gender-dysphoria-is-not-one-thing/ and one of the first things it says is this, “The failure of so many therapists and activists to acknowledge this distinction is disturbing for at least two reasons. First, it suggests they are either ignorant of relevant scientific evidence or are purposefully ignoring it. Second, failure to make scientifically valid and fundamental distinctions among different kinds of gender dysphoric persons can only prevent progress toward finding the best approach to helping each. Measles, influenza, and strep throat are all associated with fever. But if we had merely lumped them together as “fever,” we would not have effective treatments for them.” This passage ACTUALLY STATES ” failure to make scientifically valid and fundamental distinctions among different kinds of gender dysphoric persons can only prevent progress toward finding the best approach to helping each” This passage, taken from the page you the Moderator recommended actually says there is more than one type of gender dysphoria. Why is it then contributors seem to have locked on to the definition of all transgendered as AGP? By your own recommended reading this shows these assumptions are wrong. to stop people like Gina Denham is not achieved by witchunting them.

          1. Transgender Trend

            Hi Rob, thanks for your reply and perhaps we need to explain who we are and the purpose of this site. We don’t see this as a ‘for’ or ‘against’ issue – we are not ‘against’ trans people. But the ‘indoctrination’ you mention goes only one way, Transpire is just one example of the indoctrination of children in schools into an ideology of ‘innate gender identity.’ There is no ‘indoctrination’ from parents and adults who are trying to protect children from this ideology, unless you call the teaching of biology and the protection of a child’s right to understand biological facts ‘indoctrination.’ Biological fact is not ‘opinion,’ and as adults it is our responsibility to make sure children know facts – this is not trying to ‘influence’ a child, but inform them. The situation we have now is that ‘gender identity’ is being directly taught to children as truth, and reinforced everywhere they look, online, on social media, YP organisations etc. and no alternative is allowed as to disagree with it is ‘transphobia.’ Parents no longer have the luxury of standing back and allowing children to ‘make their own decisions’ when we know they are being bombarded with ‘information’ about gender identity, which is a belief presented to them as scientific fact.

            Parents have a right to be angry about this and we don’t moderate comments which are angry in tone, this is a place for parents to freely discuss the issues. People commenting on this site tend to be very well-informed and don’t need ‘teaching’. Our position is that we try to be as measured as possible in what we report. We have no desire to ‘witch hunt’ anybody, but we do have a responsibility to present facts. In the case of Gina Denham, there was plenty more evidence online we could have used to press the point about autogynephilia but we chose not to, because the point of the post was not to personally attack someone but to draw attention to the power of these groups and individuals to bully schools into changing policies. As it is estimated that at least 75% of adult transsexual males are autogynephiles and Denham fits the typical profile, it would have been remiss to leave it out. Our aim is to inform, not hide uncomfortable truths.

            We do have a fairly open moderation policy, we publish comments which are in disagreement although we sometimes moderate such comments which are aggressive in tone. But we are not Twitter, which would possibly be a perfect platform for you to disagree with people and argue the points backwards and forwards. This is a different platform, perhaps where some people come to escape Twitter, where people (especially parents) come to state their opinions, share experiences and debate points without the inevitable accusations they get on social media platforms. So please respect the space and its purpose and understand why we may become a bit stricter in our moderation of comments. Thank you.

  11. atranswidow

    Thanks for the link, Terficus. Most of the accounts linked to are no longer available apart from the Transpire site and Facebook page. The “being me” page with his life story is typical in the way he represents his supposed gender confusion and how he dealt with (or didn’t) that before becoming “empowered” by discovering transgenderism on the internet.
    Denham’s story is that of a late-transitioning man, who started off cross-dressing as a pre-teen. He has no knowledge either innate or gained from real life experience of what women and girls face in life. His reason for taking his message into schools is not from some deep-seated empathy with “trans kids” or “queer kids” or “gender non-conforming kids”, but for his need to continually validate to himself and to the world that he is gender dysphoric and has battled with his “true gender identity” all his life. What he has battled with is autogynephilia. My experience of being married to a man who’s story mirrors that of Denham’s is why I am so sure.
    It is a mental illness and can, and does, cause great shame and distress, like many other fetishes. Only now we are not allowed to use the words mental illness or fetish. The medical profession has failed people like Denham and my ex. I am not saying this to be cruel or vindictive, but saddened and realistic. It is complex. Autogynephilia is associated with narcissism and ASD. These men don’t want to be cured in the traditional sense of being helped to understand how and why they cannot change sex. They don’t want to understand that gender is a social construct used to control the behaviour of both women and men. Men like Denham and my ex abuse the good will and sympathy of others who do not think critically.
    I notice that Gires is one of the organisations that piled in to bully the school into backtracking on it’s bathroom policy. They still put forward the innate-gender theory to “explain” transsexuality. My ex wanted to give their leaflet to my children when he first came out…..http://www.gires.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/dads-story.pdf They also produce leaflets aimed at younger children entitled “Your Dad’s ( or Mum’s) Adventure”. With their drawings of gender-confused foetuses I can hardly believe that anyone can seriously use them to indoctrinate their children.
    But, indoctrination and scare-mongering and changing the language that we use and eroding the rights of women and girls all now seem par for the course.
    Thank you Transgendertrend for all the work you do to combat this craze and for your role in combatting rhetoric and pseudo science with critical and scientific thinking,
    PS. The new web-site is great.

  12. T C Smith

    Well done. But how do we get all the ‘normies’ to recognise this as an issue? I still hear today (on radio) that this is a minor issue …..I think we are getting somewhere but so many still believe they are ‘right on’ and ‘progressive’ when they are so reactionary?
    Aside: there is a major anti-science lobby that we also have to contend with. So many threads feeding this agenda (Alfie for example). Also,
    (Privatisation of medicine, ‘cheap’ solutions to mental health, Vatican pro-lifers (anti-homosexuality and keeping masses subservient), nationalism (breeding), the weirdos (kinky, queer,paedos) and porn lobby too.) Damn how did it become this complicated! We focus on law and women as category. Your work is appreciated.

  13. T C Smith

    Rob is a Trans lobbyist derailing the discussion. All too familiar. We need a group set up who can also jump in on issues…the trans activists are very active and obsessively persistent. We start from a reasonable position and we lose …different tactics are needed online. Our government seems to be based on online trends and who makes the most noise…

  14. Robyn Self

    Thank you thank you thank you for a brilliant website. Great news today re: government inquiry into 4000% rise in ‘transgender’ children

  15. Mick Stupp

    Like Pavlov’s dogs , I wonder if impressionable children can be easily influenced to change their habits . . .

  16. Becca

    Great web site and great thread. We need spaces to share actual truth and some of it is uncomfortable. In an insane world the truth has become critical and lies have become the norm. Men who have fetishes should be no where near our children and no where near education policy. My child’s education is secondary to his welfare and when both are threatened in a place that I leave him for 6 hours every day then I wonder what on Earth is going on. It’s not enough that we have to work to survive so have to leave them in a place that I can honestly say is institutionalised abuse at worst and a place for moderate education at best and that is not said to undermine the tireless work of thousands of teachers up and down the country whom I believe very strongly care about both the education and the welfare of our babies but who drive to uphold very high standards and constantly changing goal posts who are underpaid and over worked who are also now battling against this utter nonsense from the trans lobby, teachers who are terrified of mis gendering a pupil and risk losing not only their job but their career. What is this telling us? It is telling us that the welfare and the education of our children is clearly not important to the powers that be and who have the final say over what is put on the curriculum and what is being taught to our children, allot of whom do struggle and will struggle with all kinds of issues. I can handle the fact that allot of history may not be taught completely accurately or that some of the religious teachings may not sit comfortably with me or that the school play ground may sometimes be a place of extreme struggle for many children or that bullying is often ignored and not dealt with properly… most of us have lived this and work to overcome these issues with our children and the schools which they attend. But what we absolutely Uncategorically can not accept is this. Is this made up fairy land of utter complete nonsense. It is dangerous, it is harmful it is utterly damn right shameful that this trend has taken such a strong hold on this country’s policy and education. At a time in history when we need to be focusing on saving the planet and working together to find solutions to the many issues we face so that we can create a safe and productive environment for the future not just for our children but for the children of every sentient being on earth we find our selves fighting this, we are fighting a very real and a very evil idea that we can change sex. This is not true it never will be and it is not only one of the most insulting things I’ve ever heard it is sweeping through our society like wild fire. Damage control is in full swing and this dogma has already claimed the young and healthy bodies of thousands of children. I will keep speaking out about injustice as long as there is breath in my body and as long as I have a voice. In this life and the next and the next and the next. Enough is enough. Biology matters and language matters and the rights and dignity of every woman and child matters. Women have shouldered so much emotional labour for thousands of years and it’s about time the men got behind us and woke up to the very real consequences of patriarchy and it’s many failures not just to humanity but to the entire planet. We all need to speak out about this and about anything that we know in our bones to be wrong. The time is now. Stop hiding in the shadows and find your voices.

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