WHO guideline on the health of trans and gender diverse people – our response

who guideline

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has announced the development of a guideline on the health of trans and gender diverse people. A petition raising objections to the WHO’s panel selection and consultation process for the guideline has so far attracted over 7,000 signatures.

You can sign here: https://who-decides.org/.

The following is our response sent to WHO at hiv-aids@who.int.

WHO guideline consultation submission

Transgender Trend was set up in 2015 to call for evidence-based healthcare for children with gender distress and for fact-based teaching about sex and gender in schools. Our widely respected website https://www.transgendertrend.com/ publishes original research and analysis into the consequences of gender identity ideas as they impact healthcare and education.  

Our expertise was recognised by the High Court when we were given permission to intervene in the Bell v Tavistock Judicial Review in 2020. The outcome of this case was instrumental in exposing the lack of evidence for the use of puberty blockers, and which started a worldwide rethink about using drugs to treat gender distress. Our school resources have provided teachers and parents with legally compliant guidelines to safeguard the well-being of all children, including those who are trans identified, in UK schools. We are pleased to say that the recent draft guidance from the Department for Education, in December 2023, Gender Questioning Children, now largely reflects what we have been proposing for the last five years.

WHO announced the full guideline development group for the development of a guideline on the health of trans and gender diverse people on December 18th and has allowed only three weeks for public comment. This is over the Christmas and New Year holiday period when many people will miss the opportunity to submit their views.

WHO states as the first focus point of the guidance the “provision of gender-affirming care, including hormones”, indicating an unevidenced assumption that the affirmative, medicalised approach is the correct one. No other approach or treatment is referenced.

The guideline development group is comprised of majority trans activists, affiliated to the discredited WPATH, and proponents of “gender-affirming care,” with unmanaged conflicts of interest. There is no balance with professionals who are fully independent or who are cautious about this model of care. The WHO’s own guidance for guideline development has not been followed.

The guideline development group will meet in Geneva over three days from February 19th to interpret the evidence, formulate recommendations and suggest implementation considerations.

Based on these factors the result is a foregone conclusion. The rushed and shoddy process risks loss of credibility for WHO and a guideline that is ideologically biased, based on shaky evidence and unfit for purpose. Unfavourable comparisons will inevitably be made with the rigorous Cass Review in the UK which is ongoing and fully independent. Similarly, WHO is expected to value and uphold the highest professional standards of clinical ethics, research and process. It is only on this basis that credible guidelines can be formulated.

In an area of healthcare that is relatively new and poorly evidenced, and employing a model of care that is attracting worldwide consternation and professional re-evaluation, WHO’s motives for this exercise may be called into question. As with the WPATH Standards of Care, the WHO guideline risks failing professional, public and political scrutiny, discrediting the guideline and causing reputational damage to WHO itself.

WHO needs to go back to the drawing board or public trust will be lost.

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  1. Scout

    There are 2 sexes. There are lots of personalities.
    There is no reason to collude with a person’s delusions about being in the wrong body.
    Hormones are dangerous and have to be paid for.
    Surgery does not work and causes massive harm. Look at Jazz Jennings. Is this what parents want? I fear for these kids when the money runs out and they can no longer access/afford these expensive drugs. They will revert physically to what nature intended, or as near as. What happens to their mental health then?
    Just leave the kids alone so they learn to love their post adolescent bodies . Maybe they end up gay, so what? They will be drug independent and still able to be parents themselves. Result!

  2. Geoffrey Kemball-Cook

    I am delighted to see this robust approach to WHO from Transgender Trend, although of course infinitely depressed at what WHO are doing and how they are doing it, which reminds me of the old stories of political parties hustling though new rules to exclude in-party opponents while everyone was asleep after their Christmas lunches. Very, very disturbing.

  3. charles lewis

    Like so many institutions now, national and international, this one, the WHO, is totally in the grip of the activists and their absurd and dangerous ideology. They, and all the biased conclusions they have already come to among themselves, will need to be treated with contempt. Otherwise they will have licence to continue doing irreparable and severe damage to our children and through them society at large.

  4. Sheila Swan

    Shoddy indeed. Perhaps lobbyists are behind this

  5. Joseph Thomas King

    This whole transgender mania reminds me of the movie, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” where perfectly reasonable people get taken over by aliens looking the same way. WHO is now one of those aliens. I have never seen the politicalization of a medical condition. It is bizarre. I saw an article in the American magazine, Forbes, that called J.K. Rowling transphobic. It is a lie. Just like that they print it. I believe in the US it might determine the election. The Woke left wing Democrats have been taken over by trans and like thinking. It is very distressing to read this.

  6. Corinne

    I am ever so grateful that you exist and for the work you do. The WHO, like international administration and other UN types fell at the hands of activists. Well done for pushing back on behalf of us all: the silent MAJORITY.

  7. Nicola Wood

    All part of the New World Order agenda coming online. Sinister!
    Or am I just another conspiracy theorist?

  8. Paul

    I find it odd that seemingly intelligent and progressive people fail so miserably when it comes to the medicalization of kids and adolescents who identify as transgender. At what point in our society did the “social construct” of gender become a preexisting medical condition? The DSM 5 is a joke. The AMA has a long history of being misogynist and viewing healthy women as having the “woman problem.” The APA is all about treatments never looking in causes. Now the WHO. It was bound to happen. The empire of the medicalization of gender just keeps growing. Janice Raymond’s book predicted as much. Feminism is gasping for air.

  9. Lynne Harne

    Unfortunately the current DFE advice to schools is being ignored by many schools and teachers, because it is not statutory. The Policy Exchange research indicated that 60% of schools were allowing children to believe they could change their sex and were supporting social transition in school and the change in pronouns. Unless this advice is made statutory, there will be little change. The WHO proposed policy is outrageous, encouraging irreversible medical and surgical harm to children world wide and can only be viewed as permanent child abuse

  10. Ute Heggen

    I love your phrase, “unmanaged conflicts of interest.” Just perfect. Thanks

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