Transgender Trend Statement in Support of Michele Moore

The petition calling for the dismissal of Professor Michele Moore as editor of Disability and Society is a common tactic of activists who want to silence any debate and difference of opinion regarding the issue of children who are identified as transgender. Trying to prevent professionals from questioning new and untested ideas is not the action of those who have children’s best interests at heart.

It takes great courage to challenge the prevailing gender identity orthodoxy and its proponents, who have become totalitarian in their suppression of dissent. As a society, we depend on the courageous professionals who do not go along like sheep with the current crowd, but continue to centre the welfare, safeguarding and health of children above populist or political movements.

Professor Michele Moore is one such professional and it would be a travesty if she were to be dismissed for the very reasons which make her the best person to lead such a prestigious journal. Impartiality and ethical standards must be maintained against any lobbying by activist groups. We hope that Disability and Society will uphold both its scientific rigour and its support for all members to exercise their critical thinking and integrity as Michele Moore has done.

Those with a political agenda should not be given sanction to impose their thinking on others through the threat of dismissal and public shaming, particularly when the issue concerns children and, critically in this case, when the potential outcome is life-changing and irreversible medical intervention.

People have a right to discuss, and children have a right to hear, different interpretations and meanings attached to the condition of gender dysphoria and feelings of gender discomfort. Children should not be presented with only one restrictive conceptualisation of their gender non-conformity which suggests only a concretisation of feelings as material reality. This is dangerous as it bypasses and invisibilises underlying factors such as depression or neurobiological disorders. To unquestioningly accept dogma transforms duty of care to the individual child into a political and social justice agenda for adults.

Professor Michele Moore’s talk for A Woman’s Place has attracted over 26,000 views, way beyond that of any other speaker. This is not an accident; Professor Moore’s talk has resonated with people not only because there is such public concern about the medical treatment of gender non-conforming children, but because of Professor Moore’s evident integrity, compassion and care about the children she speaks of. To characterise this as ‘transphobia’ only raises concerns about the possible intentions of the accusers to destabilise professional standards and due diligence in the care of children.

We stand by Professor Michele Moore who has had the courage to retain her professional integrity in the face of this totally unacceptable campaign to discredit her and her excellent work in support of vulnerable children.

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  1. Karen

    Is the transgender phenomenon a disturbing sterilisation program politically motivated?
    Depression and neurological disorders are seen as weak traits which are not wanted in the gene pool.
    It is in my opinion more ethical to treat the underlying causes of gender discomfort in the individual, rather than change the gender.
    We need ethical politicians.

  2. charles lewis

    Just heard this lady’s brilliant address from last year on Youtube. It should be required reading or hearing by everyone concerned with the current TG lunacy, especially the psychologists and the politicians. Small wonder the transgender thugs are desperate to silence her. To whom do we write to support her?

    1. Transgender Trend

      Please write to at the Editorial Board at Taylor and Francis. Thank you.

  3. Joan Appleton

    Excellent, every word.
    Perhaps what also requires building into the agenda is am explanation of how society is structured towards defining what image qualifies as female the dreaded ‘pink,definition of female ness. Blue, of course for, male expected behaviours. In other words how the structures of patriarchy has twisted and consumed the issue of of just allowing each child to he the person they are with the body they are born with.
    In other words a social his-tory and her -story . A child does not require altering their body to fit a pre defined image.
    We have to work towards challenging this rising and dictatorial trans. Children deserve and need protections, so, I may add, do figures of authority, teachers, Heads and University’s .

  4. Roger Talbot

    There are few issues in life which reduce down to a simple matter of right versus wrong. This is one of them. It is wrong – without qualification – that Professor Moore should be pilloried in this cruel and vindictive way for speaking the truth as she sees it. It is right that friends, colleagues and admirers of Professor Moore should stand with her, come what may. Count me in. And it is right that those cowardly, low grade academics that lend their support-for-hire to the truth-phobes, the malice-bearers and the vengeance-wreakers behind this petition should have to live with their eternal shame.

  5. Theo H

    I really would like to see a text/written version of Prof Moore’s talk.
    Reading something is very much quicker than listening to a video.
    There are a lot of people out there who should be aware of what Ms Moore is saying, but they are short on time.

  6. Laila namdarkhan

    This is a shocking McCarthyite tactics .

  7. sly fawkes

    McCarthyist indeed.
    There is a big push to make every aspect of life, every choice a person makes, gendered. A little girl who likes playing with trucks is certainly a boy. A boy who loves to crochet is certainly a girl.
    I became a feminist because I wanted to get away from this sort of narrow-minded thinking and because I was tired of being told what girls can’t do.
    I was always fine with being a girl. I wasn’t always fine with being a girl who likes boys because a lot of the time boys treated me like garbage, but I couldn’t change the way I was wired. (I tried.) I was not fine with being told I couldn’t be an air force pilot because I have ovaries. (This was in the early 1980s.) I wasn’t fine with being told that my only aspirations in life should be to make babies and make sure my husband has a nice hot meal and to make sure that my house looked like a pictorial from Good Housekeeping.
    Feminism was supposed to be an ideology for the advancement of equal opportunities and better treatment for women. I never minded fighting for equal opportunities and better treatment of trans people too. Hell, I was always willing to accept trans people as they were, to call them by their chosen names and to refer to them using their preferred pronouns. I don’t know exactly when the feminist movement got co-opted by TRA extremists, but it extremely distressing.
    The left needs to stop kowtowing to these violent extremists. That’s the only chance we have of stopping them.
    I support Dr. Michele Moore in being a voice for vulnerable young people.

  8. charles lewis

    What is more (or Moore) is that these ‘violent extremists’ whom I loathe are in no way representative of the ordinary decent transgender person. Such a person does not share the TG lunatic political agenda. That was proved for me (again) by the recent programme hosted by Martina Navratilova in which TG athletes spoke quietly, modestly and reasonably about their aspirations. Really nice people. Bless ’em!

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