Transgender Trend response to the government announcement on GRA reform

Stephanie Davies-Arai, Founder and Director, said:

Transgender Trend welcomes today’s announcement by Liz Truss that there will be no change to the GRA to allow gender self-ID.

“Today’s decision protects the existing rights of women and girls to privacy and safety in single-sex spaces, and maintains current checks and balances in applying for a GRC. This is critical for the safeguarding and protection of women, children and young people.

“Today’s announcement maintains the rights of trans people without denying biological reality. A system of self-ID would have reinforced the idea learned by young people online and in school that their feelings override their biological sex.

“For children confused about their identity and their developing bodies, this belief sets them on a path to social then medical transition with irreversible lifetime consequences.

“The government has recognised that current provisions within the GRA are fair and necessary, including a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria. We hope that the government will now honour its commitment to ensure that under-18s are protected from making decisions that are irreversible in the future, as stated by Liz Truss in April this year.

“Since 2015 Transgender Trend has called for evidence-based healthcare for children who experience gender dysphoria and science-based education for all children in schools.

“We are calling on Liz Truss, the Equalities Office, the Department for Education and other government bodies to take the next logical step and make sure that the concept of innate ‘gender identity’ is not taught as fact to school children and that single-sex facilities are maintained in schools for the privacy and dignity of all children and the safeguarding of girls.

“If self-ID for adults has been rejected by government then children must be protected from it becoming a de facto policy in schools.”


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  1. MS Joan C Appleton

    No doubt there will be a full on outcry from the pro trans lobby, but this decision must be steered thro’ with determination and justice for children and young people’s safety. Recognising the reality of not only biological sex but with guaranteed safeguards for women’s rights to our spaces. This, I feel is at least a beginning, no matter the outcry from Stonewall etc, etc.

  2. E

    Terrific news

  3. april-cecilia

    This is good news
    I fear – here, in Canada they have gone so far past the point of logic and common sense that we may never see them reel it back.

  4. Sarah Johnson

    Congratulations Stephanie!
    I’m so pleased that your tenacity and bravery has paid off.
    It’s a battle won …. the war will persist, I dare say!

  5. Lyndsey

    Brilliant news!!

    I just hope the harm already done can be undone. I feel for the children and young people who got caught up in this nonsensical ideology.
    This is a massive step in the right direction.
    And to all the “friends” who disowned me over this. I hope you’ve woken up to the facts now.

  6. Mum of "trans" identified autistic adult daughter

    These paragraphs from Liz Truss’s announcement trouble me greatly where she is giving more resourcing to GIDS, where it will just more quickly despatch more autistic, naive and confused young people to a life of medical dependency, sterility and higher likelihood of chronic pain.

    “We have also come to understand that gender recognition reform, though supported in the consultation undertaken by the last government, is not the top priority for transgender people. Perhaps their most important concern is the state of trans healthcare. Trans people tell us that waiting lists at NHS gender clinics are too long. I agree, and I am deeply concerned at the distress it can cause.

    That is why we are opening at least three new gender clinics this year, which should see waiting lists cut by around 1,600 patients by 2022. The full benefit of the increases in clinical capacity that we’ve been able to secure will lead to greater patient choice, shorter waiting times, better geographical coverage and easier access. It will also make it easier to fulfil the medical requirements of obtaining a GRC.

    It is why we last year provided funding for the UK’s first National LGBT Health Advisor to help improve transgender people’s experience.”

    There is enough disquiet and doubt about what GIDS are doing to disband the entire organisation and simply provide more counselling rather than quack medicine.

  7. Floriana

    Despite the inevitable mega-sulk from the genderists, today’s victory over GRA reform sends a clear message that we opponents of self-ID are a force to be reckoned with. The truth matters. Thank you, Stephanie, for all your good work. Thank you, everyone who played your part.

  8. Whitly

    Finally some sanity about this runaway train. From a personal perspective as an L in LGBT I know that this whole concept of transition has grown exponentially, now an elder I can share that there were never these kinds of numbers of people feeling they were born in the wrong body and wanting to present as the opposite sex. (There was never this amount of bisexuality either, which seems to be a trend also; in fact I know it is, with the people I know in my own community, who never claimed it till the past 3 yrs or so.) So to satisfy my own curiosity and having the available time I immersed myself in social media about this issue, most of it not from news sources, gender studies departments in their ivory towers, or from the supposed experts. I have gone to the source and tracked and read hundreds upon hundreds of 10-18+yr olds who feel compelled to announce their sexuality and growing array of gender. They actually fret over it and wonder if they should come out to their parents when most have never even experienced a kiss. I’ve seen middle school girls cut their hair short, bind their breasts, and dress like a k-pop boy group member, with no previous indication via photographs shared that they were boyish at all or desired to be the opposite sex in any of their posts. But when they take those steps in changing their looks they very much do get noticed and suddenly friends and strangers on IG remark how awesome they look, how brave they are, and how cool they are now with their particular and unique gender flag and being part of LGBT+ which has the aura of trendy mainstream now. Young people of all kind like to follow gender bender manga comic books and the wildly popular and mostly androgynous k-pop boy bands or the overtly sexualized girl groups. So many defend the trans process and believe there is a rigorous timeline of therapy and medical assessment but I have read many accounts where all they had to do was ask for the pills and they were given, the only question asked “are you dysphoric?” If anyone dares to question any part of the process or changes made at random we are immediately tagged as terfs and transphobics, we are shut up and shut down. Am so glad your organization is confronting this madness and being successful at putting the brakes on the idea that children should be given sex hormones or knowing their sexuality before maturity.

  9. Petuniacat

    Oh Stephanie, this is wonderful news! Excellent statement. Makes me think back to 2015 when for me all of this was getting started. Five short years. 😊 Yes it’s one battle and the war continues. I am so happy and relieved that Transgender Trend, Women‘s Place UK & Fairplay for Women Are there pushing out useful information, analyzing the problem. You’re all to be commended for the leadership you’ve provided. This wouldn’t have happened without all your work.

  10. Ian Britton

    Well done Liz Truss for being sensible and brave enough to call a halt to the incredible progress of this Ideology. One thing I still don’t understand though is this. We all know that no mammal, including us humans, is able to change sex. I’m also fairly sure that most people would not have a problem with someone changing their Gender should they feel the need. What I can’t accept is that, if someone obtains a GRC, they are able to get a new Birth Certificate stating that they are a different not Gender but Sex and were actually born as that different sex. I think it would be far better for the Birth Certificate to simply have the M or F stay the same (as it will in real life) and simply add “Identifies as” and their choice of Gender. I worked for the Government for many years and can’t understand how an Official form can be issued with information which is not only untrue but actually impossible.

  11. Deborah

    This is the best response yet! Thank you so, so much for all you do for women and children.

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