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Transgender Trend has made two media appearances recently, the first was this debate with Susie Green of Mermaids on BBC Newsnight on Monday October 31st:

The second was an interview as part of a balanced Saturday Times magazine article on November 5th:

in the news

The full article is behind a paywall but it may be viewed by registering (without paying) here:

Interestingly, in this piece Polly Carmichael of the Tavistock gender clinic confirms the 80% desistance rate which Susie Green challenged on Newsnight. As this rate is the result of a meta-analysis of all published research studies, the fact that the rate seems to be so much smaller amongst young people supported by Mermaids suggests that something about the charity’s support serves to actively prevent children from outgrowing a trans identity. The other interesting statistic from the Tavistock is that 90% of children who start puberty blockers go on to cross-sex hormones. Figures elsewhere suggest a 100% figure (eg. here, here and here).

We are grateful to Newsnight and to Times Deputy Editor Louise France for introducing some balance into media coverage of the transgender diagnosis and treatment of children and we hope this is the start of an ongoing public debate on the subject.

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  1. EEDR

    Thank you for taking on the trans trend.

  2. Wendy

    How many boys were admitt d in the same period?

    1. Transgender Trend

      There were a total of 1,398 referrals to the Tavistock clinic last year (up to April 2016), 913 of whom were female and 485 male.

  3. Rachal Smith

    After an opp that went so badly wrong in 2002 and still under treatment the surgeon has a great deal to answer for but will not tell the truth of what happened and is withholding medical files!

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