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Transgender Trend is the only UK organisation producing evidence-based, Equality Act compliant schools guidance and resources based on safeguarding, for all children including those who identify as transgender. We are running a crowdfunding campaign #CourageCalls to enable us to continue and expand our work.

Please support us and share our campaign!

We are the only alternative to powerful highly-funded lobby groups such as Stonewall and Mermaids who have been dictating and influencing policy in education and health for children and adolescents for years. Our hard work is paying off: we are now being listened to at the highest levels and we need your continued support to enable us to continue in our vital work.

We recently migrated the website to a faster server and in case you didn’t receive notification of posts during the transfer, here’s a snapshot of the last few things we wrote about: 

Most importantly we launched our RSE guide for schools.

In this guide we quote from publicly available ‘LGBT inclusive’ guidance from external providers and compare it with the statutory guidance issued by the Department for Education. It’s quite an eye-opener. If you are concerned about the content of RSE materials from outside agencies being used in your child’s school, this guide is a must-read.

The guide is available as a FREE download and if you are a parent who wants a hard copy for your child’s school you can use the voucher code PARENT80 to get an 80% discount in our shop.

Watch an interview with our founder Stephanie Davies-Arai on the subject of our new RSE guide here, in a chat with Graham Linehan:

We also covered some really important issues; if you missed anything you can catch up here: 

The NHS no longer says puberty blockers are ‘reversible’ – an analysis of changes to the NHS website section on gender dysphoria

An analysis of Educate & Celebrate and their aim to “smash heteronormativity in the classroom”

The background and history of the Tavistock GIDS review reported on Newsnight

Our Response to the Sunday Times report on the outcome of the GRA consultation 

We put together a review of some the subjects we’ve covered in our blog posts over the past year here.

Stephanie and Rachel Rooney were quoted extensively in this important new report from Civitas The Corrosive Impact of Transgender Ideology by Joanna Williams, published this week.

Transgender Trend has achieved great success over the last five years in ensuring that the idea of child transition is debated and challenged in the public sphere, despite concerted efforts by the transgender lobby to silence us and prevent any debate.

We have put together a synopsis of our history and achievements since 2015 here.

Please read it, support our crowdfunder and share it with everyone you know!

Back in 2015 we thought somebody had to speak out and take a stand. We did that. We believe that without Transgender Trend we would be in a very different position now in the UK. We kick started the debate. We made sure that on the subject of ‘transgender children’ #nodebate was not an option.

Read about our history and achievements here.

Support our crowdfunder here.


Thank you!

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