Who are we?

We are a group of parents, academics and childcare professionals with no political or religious affiliation, from a range of backgrounds. We are united in our concern about the medical transition of children and young people and the erasure of girls’ sex-based protections in schools and society.

What are we for?

We believe in the right of every child to live free from discrimination and harassment. We defend the right of children to be gender non-conforming and to express themselves however they wish without being given labels or encouraged to believe that they may have been ‘born in the wrong body.’ We defend the right of children to be treated as children and not have adult ideology imposed on them as ‘fact.’ We believe that gender variant children have the right to grow up and reach maturity without unnecessary medical intervention. We defend the right of all children to feel safe and to be free from bullying and, particularly in the case of girls, the right to boundaries with the opposite sex.

We are calling for:

1. An ethical review of experimental medical intervention on the healthy bodies of children and young people, including patient safety matters such as the physical and psychological effects of hormonal intervention and surgeries.

2. Professional organisations to uphold the rights and responsibilities of their members to freely express their considered opinion and exercise their professional judgment in the care of gender variant children.

3. The Department of Education to ensure that schools guidance protects the sex-based rights of girls under the Equality Act 2010; that guidance is rooted in the safeguarding of all children, upholding their right to name biological reality; and that schools’ resources do not promote gender stereotypes or encourage children to believe they may have the ‘wrong’ body.

4. An impartial Government-funded review of the impact of gender identity ideology on children and young people, including investigation into the methods used to promote this ideology to minors.

5. NHS clinical pathways to be informed and developed through impartial research, robust evidence and clinical expertise and not dictated by the demands of lobby groups.

Our campaign aims to:

1. Encourage the widest possible public debate and engagement on the ethical issues of medical transition of children and the teaching of unscientific ‘innate gender identity’ ideology to children.

2. Empower parents to challenge the new gender orthodoxy in their children’s schools and support teachers and professionals to safeguard the rights and protections of all children, without exception.

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