Transgender Trend Comment on today’s Times reports on Tavistock GIDS

Tavistock GIDS

We are relieved to see the truth coming out about the experimental medicalisation of children’s healthy bodies in the name of gender identity politics. Revelations from ex-clinicians at the Tavistock clinic come as no surprise to anyone who has had their eyes open over the past few years of increasingly toxic political transgender activism.

As a parent-led organisation we see the appalling damage being done to young people and their families by an ideology which cannot be questioned. Transgender lobby groups have been allowed to dictate an unquestioning ‘affirmation’ approach towards children and young people through pressure applied to the NHS, Tavistock GIDS and professional bodies, along with schools throughout the UK. These same transgender organisations lobby the NHS for drastic medical interventions at ever earlier ages, leaving children sterilised and with compromised sexual function. Teenage girls are being encouraged to believe that having their breasts cut off is the path to becoming ‘who they really are.’

When any debate or questioning is outlawed as ‘bigotry,’ children are put at risk. Any new clinical approach towards children and young people must be informed and developed through impartial research, robust  evidence and clinical expertise. Medical treatment of children should not be influenced by the unevidenced ideological claims and bullying tactics of activists intent on silencing professionals through fear.

Children and young people are being failed by a system which has allowed politics and ideology to intrude into clinical and medical practice. In particular, at-risk groups including teenage girls, children who are lesbian or gay, those on the autism spectrum and those with pre-existing mental health disorders, troubled backgrounds or who have suffered previous trauma and abuse are being denied normal therapeutic duty of care.

We have been working to disseminate fact and research-based information for over three years.  Our work, and that of the parents, academics and professionals who support us, has been vindicated. Now that the full horror of this medical experiment on children is being exposed, what action will be taken? The Tavistock’s response to today’s Times reports is wholly inadequate. The recent review by Dr Sinha in fact identified exactly the same issues as revealed in the claims made by clinicians interviewed for these reports, in particular the pressure from lobby groups and the failure to identify sexuality and homophobia as the real issue. Tavistock GIDS cannot continue to assert that these claims are baseless.

It is now time for an independent regulator to be appointed for gender identity services. We call for the puberty blockers trial at Tavistock GIDS to be halted and for all transgender schools guidance and training to be withdrawn pending a full independent inquiry into how lobby groups have been allowed to dictate their agenda to vulnerable children and professional bodies alike. The harms caused to children and young people already cannot be undone, but we have the chance to stop this experiment here. Ethically, as a society, we have no choice. This scandal cannot be allowed to continue.

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  1. Joan Appletonk

    At long last the transgender issue is on the verge of being challenged.
    This outrageous and damaging madness towards young vulnerable human beings has to cease before we are faced with a dystopian darkness which cannot be stopped.
    There is much to do, especially with the oending issue next year where government will decide on trans law, where a person could be permitted to choose their gender simply by saying so.
    This issue is one I am continually involved in, having already presented my view on the governments recent research document.
    So much more work to do towards challenging the increasing attempts to dominate the reality of biology.

  2. Alan Nelson

    Really pleased that people are taking a stand against the overwhelming tide of mis-informed and ‘politically correct’ lobbying. Thank you for taking a stand and swimming against the tide.

  3. Jane

    Orwellian and very scary. Glad there’s some publicity at last but fear this won’t come near challenging this crazy ideology. Too many powerful lobby groups and many naive charities and organisations have fallen “hook line and sinker” in the name of political correctness and virtue signaling. Keep up the excellent work.

  4. charles lewis

    Every sane individual in the country who is not personally involved with transgender knows that the new creed of this cult is akin to the excretory product of a bull, but, most shamefully, all manner of institutions have been seduced or intimidated into supporting the activists, the latest being a police force who warned someone who denied sex could be changed that they needed to ‘correct their thinking’. just like O’Brien said to Winston Smith in ‘1984’.
    In fact, the activists themselves know they are talking rubbish: that is why they use all means to silence any dissenters. Debate would expose both the lunacy of their contentions as well as the poisonous effect of their activities. All they want is to get more and more people on the path of transition, so that their own mental disorder will appear normal. The current pressure must be kept up for exposing their toxic influence on society or we will have, among other pernicious effects, a generation of damaged children.

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