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Transgender schools guidance produced by transgender and LGBT organisations promotes a new ‘affirmation’ and social transition model which has been shown to increase persistence of gender dysphoria in children. The model fails to take into account the various reasons for childhood cross-sex identity, which can range from perfectly normal developmental exploration, through difficult family dynamics all the way to previous trauma or sexual abuse. It may also be a result of homophobic bullying, emotional and psychological issues, ASD or simple social contagion, particularly in cases of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria seen predominantly in teenage girls.

We feel that to simply take a child’s words at face value and respond with a one-size-fits-all approach is a dereliction of duty of care for children and adolescents, and this approach should not be forced upon schools.

Published transgender schools guidance also fails to take into account sex-based rights and protections already in place to protect the privacy of all students and in particular the welfare of girls. This guidance misrepresents Equality law in placing the rights of transgender students above those of other students, with no requirement for equality impact assessments. The prioritisation of ‘gender identity’ above biological sex as the distinction between boys and girls gives weight to a belief over material reality and obviously raises issues of safeguarding as well as the right to name reality.

We felt there was an urgent need for clear factual information for schools seeking advice on a very recent and unprecedented phenomenon, guidance which is based on protecting the welfare and rights of all children.

We have developed a comprehensive schools resource pack, in consultation with teachers, child protection and welfare professionals and lawyers. Our aim is to arm schools with all the relevant facts so that teachers feel more informed and confident in creating a safe school for all pupils, including non-conforming children and those who identify as ‘transgender.’

Our resource pack covers advice for school leaders, tips on how to create a school culture of acceptance of gender non-conformity without denying biological sex, communication, primary schools and secondary schools, existing safeguarding policies and guidance, the legal situation for schools, and a glossary of terms.

We also include factual information about the social and medical transition of children, testimonies from young people who have desisted or detransitioned, and a statement from a teacher who has witnessed the increase in the number of young people identifying as ‘trans’ in their school. We have included a statement from the Lesbian Rights Alliance in recognition of the fact that the number of teenage lesbians who are choosing to identify as ‘trans men’ has recently grown so significantly.

We have designed the document to be fully comprehensive and cover all areas because this is such a new phenomenon that teachers are facing and existing guidance is so one-sided, but each individual section may be printed out and used separately if needed. The document is free to download but any donation to the site would be greatly appreciated so that we are able to continue with this work!

You can download the resource pack here.

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  1. Joanne Richardson

    I’ve shared this with my sister who’s a school governor at a local primary school. Thank you Transgender trend for all your hard work in producing this document.

    1. steve

      *Sex is biological male, female, (and theres intersex – both genitals on the same body).
      Gender is by the brain, that’s what the doctors say they are the experts, they do brain scans to know. *children do not “choose”.
      The structure of the male brain has mostly front2back connections, down each of the hemispheres, of the brain, separately.
      Whereas, the structure of the female brain has mostly side2side connections. Across the two, hemispheres, of the brain.
      most people have a brain structure somewhere in between, which results in many genders
      gender roles are bs*

      doctors who field of expertise this is, do brain scans to know, only if tests show a female brain structure in a boy, or a male brain structure in a girl. Can they have hormone blockers, just before they reach puberty, then a future operation if they wish* doctors are the experts not these people who have none, information is only used in schools if its accredited this is not

      1. Joanne Richardson

        Hi Steve, I guess we have different opinions on this issue.

      2. T. Oldman

        Steve. This is unscientific nonsense, “Front to back connections”? Doctors do not say this. And this document is being considered by schools already. I’ve heard several positive responses to this from teachers.

        1. Alice

          Yes and people having both sets of genitals doesn’t happen either . No one has ever had a functional penis and a vagina.The spreading of misinformation about disorders of sexual development( intersex) is an integral part of the trans movement it seems . As is unscientific propaganda about sex spectrums like the one the genderist organisation Mermaids propagates. People with disorders of sexual development which render them truly intersex are exceptionally rare , not 1/100 as the genderist lobby keeps claiming, more like 1/45000.

      3. Alice

        Yes and people having both sets of genitals doesn’t happen either . No one has ever had a functional penis and a vagina.The spreading of misinformation about disorders of sexual development( intersex) is an integral part of the trans movement it seems . As is unscientific propaganda about sex spectrums like the one the genderist organisation Mermaids propagates. People with disorders of sexual development which render them truly intersex are exceptionally rare , not 1/100 as the genderist lobby keeps claiming, more like 1/45000.

  2. Jane

    Brilliant work. Very comprehensive and easy to read. Thank you for your hard work in producing this valuable resource.

  3. Mc

    Great. Thank you

  4. Berni Walsh

    This resource gives direction, confidence and clear guidance on all aspects of the Trans ideology schools are grappling with. Has done what Unions and teacher trainers have failed to do. Protects young people and teachers,

  5. Tilly

    ‘‘This guide is fantastic, it has really filled a gap in the information that is currently available to schools

  6. charles lewis

    ‘Brilliant’ is an understatement, and so much needed. Can you get it to all (head) teachers, MPs, idiot governmental (the accent being on the two last syllables) and educational authorities, and to all MPs and relevant newspapers and so forth. With their baggage of toxic nonsense these mentally dysfunctional activists are creating havoc within society, abusing both women and gay people, and constituting a clear and present danger to the most important people among us, our children. They have got to be stopped.

  7. H

    Thank you from British Columbia, Canada. I will be forwarding this to my child’s school principal with a message about my concern as a mother, feminist and LGBT ally.

  8. Jojomum

    I’ve just discovered through my niece on Facebook that my daughter has had her first consultation to discuss medical transition. Devastated by this news. ROGD has destroyed our family.

  9. Joe Field

    In case anyone visiting this page would like to know how LGBT+ charity Stonewall have responded to this:

    …”the ‘schools resource pack’ produced by Transgender Trend this week is so dangerous. Masquerading as professional, ‘evidence-based’ advice for schools on how to ‘support trans and gender nonconforming young people’, the pack in fact provides the reverse. It is a deeply damaging document, packed with factually inaccurate content.

    Not only does it fail to reflect the real experiences of trans young people, it actively encourages schools to take steps that risk them falling foul of their legal duties and duty of care to pupils. The idea that listening to young people and taking steps to make them feel included might encourage them to be trans is quite simply a myth.”

  10. Braden

    How could social transition be statistically shown to increase gender dysphoria? I’ve heard that there is a correlation between social transition and higher likelihood of persistence, but it is equally possible that the children who do end up socially transitioning are the ones who feel more strongly about their gender in the first place. A causative study would, by definition, require the participants to be selected at random to undergo social transition, which is an insane idea.

    1. Rebecca Whitby

      The problem is that that the percentage of young people who start on cross sex hormones end up doing a full surgical transition is almost 100%. This indicates a successful diagnostic rate that is unheard of in this area of medicine. By contrast, 80% of children who are not medically ‘affirmed’ with treatment desist – the dysphoria resolves and is no longer a problem for them, A high percentage of this group turn out to be gay.
      The argument is that social transition ‘locks in’ to a pathway that is incredibly difficult to step off. You have to explain to everyone that you made a mistake etc. (after coming out as trans and being celebrated and supported by the people who care about you). And you are now a young girl with a beard. Or a young man with a micro penis. Obviously a random double blind trial will be impossible, so you have to look at the wider picture.

  11. Rebecca 34

    I would love to download this resourse and hand it to the head of my children’s school but our Church of England school is already hell bent on indoctrinating my kids into believing that if they do not confirm to the gender stereotype of their biological sex, they may be trans. Stonewall have been in to deliver an assembly to my 12 year old daughter and introduce my child to a trans person. I would never discriminate against a trans person nor woukd i want my children to be anything other than empathic but I would argue that at this impressionable age it is easy to plant n concept that would years ago, not have occurred. My 8 year old son plays what are considered ‘girls’ toys and games and why shouldn’t he? When he has his year 8 assembly he will be encouraged to consider, not that he is a boy who does not confirm to gender stereotypes, but a girl who will potentially become a lifelong medical patient with as high a risk of suicide attempt as non transitioned gender dysphoric people. I want my son to be proud of who he is, not turned into a ‘brave’ child for believing he is something he is not. Transgender Trend is up against it, as its aim is to respond to a very new phenomenon, that of social contagion, online grooming and sudden onset gender dyspepsia. Other organisations have been around for longer, true, but that does not mean their science, theories or models are any more valid. Listen up world! If you have a non gender conforming child (a tomboy daughter or an effeminate son) beware the narrative they are being told.

  12. Rémy

    The link for dowloading the resources does not work – at least not here in Switzerland.

    1. Transgender Trend

      Thanks for letting us know. It was a link to the older version of the pack which we have now replaced with a link to the latest version, can you try it again? It should work now!

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