The ‘Transgendering’ of Children

From ‘Thinking Differently: Feminists Questioning Gender Politics’, a one-day conference held at Conway Hall, London, UK, on Saturday 16 July.

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  1. Gerbby

    Great talk! It was amazing to hear real feminist analysis, like the type I grew up with, along with studied child psychology. Thanks for being out there, professionally. I was wondering if you had heard that the swell of hormones at puberty might itself reduce dysphoria. I had read that somewhere, and it should be an important thing to study regarding the prescription of puberty blockers.

    1. Transgender Trend

      Thank you! The surge of sex hormones at puberty trigger the huge changes in the teenage brain and we have no idea of the effect of puberty blockers on this process. We also don’t allow time for any psychological/emotional changes from first falling in love/strong sexual attraction or first sexual relationships

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