the Cass Review final report

The Cass Review final report was published on April 10th 2024. The 388 page report contains 32 recommendations and is the result of four years of work by Dr Hilary Cass and her research team at the University of York in an independent review of the service for children and adolescents at the Tavistock GIDS.

The full report can be accessed here:

In its breadth and scope, Dr Cass has produced a world-leading guideline on the care of children and adolescents experiencing gender-related distress.

We hope that this government and all political parties will actively support NHS England to follow and implement the report’s critical, evidence-based findings.

NHS England has published a reponse to the report outlining the next steps in implementing its recommendations.

NHS England’s response can be viewed here:

Listen to Hilary Cass interviewed by Kamran Abbasi, editor in chief of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) here:

Cass Review: Entry 10 – Post publication reflections

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