Teaching Transgender Doctrine In Schools – “A Bizarre Educational Experiment”

teaching transgender

Teaching transgender doctrine in schools is set to reach new heights in the New Year with the publication of a guidebook which advises teachers not to call girls and boys “girls and boys.” Children are also to be indoctrinated into Gender Identity and Queer theory via a whole new lexicon of made-up words to stop them thinking in terms of two sexes, but coach them into the belief that nothing is real except personal “identity.”

The guidebook, distributed by a government-funded organisation called ‘Educate and Celebrate’ and endorsed by Ofsted, is entitled Can I Tell You About Gender Diversity? but of course it teaches the opposite of diversity. In the words of the publishers, this is the first book “to explain medical transitioning for children aged seven and above.” The story of a fictional 12 year-old girl ‘transitioning’ into a “boy” (although without the language of “girl” and “boy” we can’t really name this) suggests that diversity is not to be celebrated but medicalised by changing sex and thus replacing non-conformity to one stereotype with conformity to the opposite sex stereotype. The possibility of diversity without medication is not entertained. This is very subtle brainwashing of children that non-conformity to sex stereotypes is a problem which needs fixing, under the guise of accepting and celebrating difference.

And although biological sex is seemingly irrelevant to whether you are a girl or a boy, it is your biological sex characteristics which must be prevented from developing and then cosmetically changed into the opposite sex characteristics through synthetic cross-sex hormones for life and possible surgery (almost inevitable for girls), with infertility as collateral damage. Through its financial backing the government is helping to promote unnecessary, harmful, non-evidence-based medical intervention on the healthy bodies of children in service of an ideology which demands nothing less than we all believe that words no longer mean anything.

The obfuscating language used in the excerpt above is typical of every transgender activist organisation: first establish the term “gender” to obscure the reality that girls and boys are actually two sexes, female and male, not two genders. Next, use the ploy of meshing “trans” and “gender-variant” kids into one group as if it’s all the same thing. All trans activist organisations do this: asserting that it’s the “trans and gender-variant kids” or “trans and gender non-conforming kids” they seek to “protect.” Using the word “gender” hides the fact that you are promoting sex-change to kids and by conflating “gender” with “sex” you are calculatedly redefining the non-conforming kids as literally somewhere between biologically male and biologically female, or no sex at all. In one go, you wipe out biological sex as the reality at the same time as welding the concept of non-conformity to the sexed body in children’s minds.

Can there be any way of interpreting this other than as a cynical ploy to get the “gender-variant” kids to start wondering whether they are really transgender and in need of “gender reassignment”?

Children can have no idea that in using the newly-introduced words in the guidebook they are expressing allegiance to the new political ideology of identity, nor any knowledge that language-policing is a form of thought-control. No child realises that by accepting the term “cisgender” they are implicitly changing the fundamental meaning of the words “boy” and “girl” and girls in particular can have no idea they are being coerced into willingly identifying as the subjugated gender and losing the right to define themselves as the female sex. The new words represent beliefs which children should not be manipulated into subscribing to before they know what they are really saying.

The founder of the organisation Educate and Celebrate (which according to the Daily Mail goes into ‘hundreds of schools’) is Elly Barnes, who has been awarded an OBE for her contribution to ‘education, equality and diversity.’ She explains: ‘Not everyone identifies as male or female – that is fact.’ In the booklet a “transman” is described as someone who was born female but “identifies” as male. What is ‘fact’ is that ‘male’ and ‘female’ are not ‘identities’ but biological realities and it is impossible to change from one to the other; sex is impervious to the efforts of ‘identity.’

In the same week, we hear that the number of children and adolescents contacting Childline with “gender identity” confusion has more than doubled this year, from 1,299 in 2014 -15 to 2,796 during 2015-16, mostly from children aged 12 – 15. And once again, the experts have no idea why this might be. Emily Cherry, head of children and young people participation at the NSPCC says:

“I don’t think we can be clear in why there is a big increase in the number of calls. I think we’re slowly trying to talk more openly about trans issues.”

Children are being taught in schools that it’s their “gender identity” and not their biology which makes them male or female. By teaching them that this “gender identity” is their “authentic self,” disassociated from the body, we are actively training children into a state of “gender dysphoria” as the normal. What do we really expect to happen? If a girl has interests that society is already telling her are “for boys” and she learns that how she feels is the critera by which she should judge whether she’s a boy or a girl, what conclusion is she supposed to reach, other than “maybe I’m really a boy”?

No generation of children before this one has been taught an ideology in place of facts in an area so fundamental to how they understand themselves. We can expect to see the number of frightened and confused children who contact Childline continuing to increase; we are creating them. And once they do seek help, Childline will just give them more of the same ideology.

If you doubt how much the transgender doctrine has infiltrated the UK education system already, the following account makes it abundantly clear. This guest post was written by a supply teacher who contacted us recently and has asked to remain anonymous for fear of losing her job. We are very grateful to her for recording her experience and allowing us to publish it here:

All in a days teaching

As a supply teacher, I get to teach in many different secondary schools when a teacher is off sick or on maternity leave. The main subjects I teach are Religious Education, now often called PHSE, Citizenship or ethics. As a qualified RE teacher I am usually left to prepare my own lessons for students.

This year I taught in several schools that asked me to include lessons on Transgender as part of the syllabus. I am used to schools asking me to include special lessons on, for example, smoking, drugs, financial management, career options etc. Sometimes material is provided but usually I am asked to make my own lesson resources. The last school I taught in I was given 3 lessons on Transgender issues to include as part of the syllabus. The content of these lessons made me feel very uneasy.

The three lessons I was asked to deliver were like something from the 50’s in terms of gender stereotypes. Slick animations showed diagrams of boys with mainly blue brains and girls with mainly pink brains. Amongst these pink and blue-brained figures were a minority of boys with pink brains and girls with blue brains. A video interview with a doctor explained that sometimes biology gets it wrong and a boy or a girl will be born with the “wrong” brain in the “wrong” body. But, now it is all ok because medical science can “fix” this and put the right brain in the right body. Interviews with happy trans kids who had taken drugs to stop puberty and were awaiting “gender reassignment” surgery made the whole thing look perfectly ordinary.

The lesson continued with explanatory diagrams and explanations about how easy it is to change sex now. Any child who thinks their problems are a result of their being in the “wrong” body is encouraged to explore gender reassignment as a possible solution. There was no mention of any side effects or of the long-term consequences of taking such an important step.

Normally at the end of a controversial lesson, students are keen to debate the issues. RE lessons are often lively as the syllabus includes lessons on capital punishment, alcohol, war, abortion, drugs, racism etc. Both sides are always presented. What was different about this lesson was that no opposing views were included in the material provided. There was no chance to debate the issues in any meaningful way. Unproven theories such as males having blue brains and females having pink brains were presented as scientific fact. Consequently, there were no questions at the end of the lesson, just a stunned silence. I wanted to encourage the students to think critically about the issues but the time and material given made no allowance for that. I was also very aware that any attempt to challenge the carefully prepared message could lead to my dismissal.

I spoke to several other teachers who explained that they had had a training day earlier in the year when a transgender person had come into the school and told them how they should behave with young people questioning their gender and what the main issues were. There was no debate about whether this should or should not be included in the syllabus, it was simply “this is what will be taught from now on”. Several teachers told me they did not feel comfortable about teaching these lessons to year 7 pupils (aged about 11) but they did not feel they could speak out for fear of being labelled transphobic or worse, losing their jobs.

These lessons are now part of the syllabus in most secondary schools I have taught in. I wonder if parents are aware of this. I wonder if this is perhaps the reason there are now so many more young people presenting for gender reassignment. The year 7 pupils I taught these lessons to had probably never thought of it before, but they certainly will now. I wonder how many young people going through the normal angst and worry of adolescence have been encouraged by well meaning adults into believing the root of perfectly ordinary problems lie in their being born into the “wrong” body.

The whole thing felt like a well-funded dangerous social and medical experiment. We do not know the long-term consequences of such medical treatments yet young people are being encouraged to see it as perfectly normal to change sex. I wonder if this will be the next child abuse scandal in 20 years time as these children realise they are unable to reverse an ill-informed decision made before puberty. As a teacher of 10 years I know how squeezed in-school teacher CPD training is. The one or two days teachers get a year are usually about curriculum changes or important whole school initiatives. Yet schools are giving precious days of training to this bizarre educational experiment.

If you would like to protest the introduction of the new guidebook into schools you can sign this petition.

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  1. Petuniacat

    Both the pieces of writing in this post are excellent. What the supply teacher describes is just horrifying. I certainly hope people in the UK will make a stink and get this weird book withdrawn.

    In the first section describing the strange sociological event, for lack of a better term, where this weird heterodox ideology becomes spread throughout the society is excellent. As to the question of are the transactivists deliberately attempting to get “gender variant” kids to transition I think part of what’s happening is to do with subculture. Transgender is a subculture, derived chiefly from fetishism, that according to Gender Hurts, started in the 1990s. What’s really noticeable when you read a lot of blogs about transgender things, including descriptions of that milieu from people who have been part of it but now view it critically is that it is definitely a grown-up sexual subculture. All of this let’s go and help the youth thing is a patina for propaganda purposes. That is absolutely hair-raising. It’s not just that they are obsessive and believe weird things there’s also this fundamental dishonesty going on.

    Anyway what I wanted to say was that in subcultures there’s often a dynamic like has been described in cults where people once they’re engaged with it try to avoid “disconfirmation”. Meaning losing their ability to believe in the basic content of the subculture/cult. And what happens is the ideology of the subculture evolves in fits and starts to fend off disconfirmation. In other words if people in the transgender milieu started feeling ‘Like wait is this really just like the transvestites who go to Fantasia Fair?’ viz not my “true self” a way to avoid acknowledging that would be to say No it’s not like that it’s like gay rights! And along with that children! We are not part of the fetish subculture, we are here to Save Children! In order to save them there have to be all of these kids who don’t know they’re trans. And that’s where the whole “gender variant”, “gender nonconforming” people have to be given these little names, and characterized as in effect Trans in Waiting. And then of course they get funnelled down the road to transition. Which is horrifying. I think the activists who do that have convinced themselves that they are the good guys, obviously. And they’ve decided to believe that the (ridiculous to nonexistent) diagnostic techniques are perfect. This is what happened in the Recovered Memory Syndrome fiasco. So we are seeing people who are in danger of being disconfirmed in their trans beliefs, and thus are inventing new and more ideology as well as this big push to spread it into the schools as a way of avoiding this disconfirmation. We can expect trans to develop in even weirder directions because of this dynamic.

    Bottom line right now is this is an ideology, it’s anti-science. Just like thetake the fluoride out of the water people and anti-vaccine. And parents in no way have to standby for this garbage in the schools. Best of luck to parents in Britain.

    Oh yes, and someone needs to put out a pamphlet with a screamer headline saying ChildLine Promoting Depression To Children! Because telling people to be really focussed on all of their behaviour with reference to whether it’s male enough or female enough is a recipe for depression. Total gaslighting.

    1. Georgina

      Petuniacat, you make some good points re indoctrination and the avoidance of disconfirmation. In fact much of the structure of the way gender-mysticism is spread to children follows a classic totalist (ie mileau control, salvation mongering, cult dynamic) pattern. The way suicide is sold to children in perpetuating this dynamic seems to to be taking a mounting toll.

      I hope you don’t mind if I point out how some things you have written represent arguments that potentially undermine this being clearly addressed. You make a claim about extreme recency of all transgenderism and a claim that all of it is derived from fetish. In fact there have long been “third gender” systems , the most established operating as homophobic and diversity-marginalising responses to gay men , gender non conforming behaviour and children born in intersex bodies. In addition to these coersive social control functions , some of these social “gender” castes also include some voluntary self expressive membership and membership via socially compelled childhood castration for intended sexual slavery. In other words, a hot mess of quite contradictory functions. The Hijra in India are a prominant example of an alternate gender caste that incorporates voluntary, socially coerced (forced choice), and violently forced forms of membership. Interestingly some creepy academics defending pediatric “transition”, employ the same arguments as those who defend child castration (for sex trade) in hijra contexts. It relies on the concept of the child as a token of culture rather than a human with rights, as occupying a “trans” or hijra body threatened with mainstreaming, not a human body co-ersively neutered before consent is even plausible. But I digress -my point was that there are myriad reasons for trans type strategies and power structures and they are nothing new.

      But I do understand the overwhelming impression of a centre on predatory fetishism, if you have been looking only at the adult activists seeking to foreclose children’s life choices before puberty -many key WPATH contributers absolutely fit that category. The FFF of transactive dudes etc has a toxic confluence with homophobic parents and therapists, the genuinely misled(including many well-meaning parents), and well meaning transdevoteesurvivors who mistake gnc kids for their childhood selves and and grasp at an”if only a bit earlier” stubborn belief in the myth of “sex change “.

      If we deny the reality of these varied motivations we cannot properly engage with them . Your universal fetish claim is also unfair to gnc folk who adopted a trans gender-strategy to cope with local gender constraints, when some of these people are actually standing against genderist expansionism and pediatric transition.

      You also called the gender doctrine “heterodox “. I dont think that this is the word you meant. Heterodoxy indicates a breach of (typically arbitrary) convention or faith /authority based doctrine. Heterdoxy often has positive connotations that distinguish it from “unauthodox” (as in Heterodox economics ). What you are probably wanting to describe is a belief system that is evidence-denialist. Genderist tropes are actually the new authodoxy, and are an authodoxy counter to the evidence consensus . The main point of denial of course being the never-contradicted finding that cross identifying kids (including GD diagnosed kids) , without developmental disruption, typically grow up to happily integrate their natural bodies , gender definance and (typically gay) sexuality.

      We need to keep analysis accurate , as spurious claims just give a false impression of the state of the evidence (which in fact, is very decisively against the gender-mystics and the pediatric transition lobby).

  2. Operator J

    Where the hell are the medical ethics, education and legal professionals in this? Also the NUT and allied health Unions going into schools.

    This is not evidence-based. Words cannot be changed to mean whatever you want them to mean. There is no definition of ‘gender’ which makes sense. To this supply teacher – I completely understand what you are going through and you have my absolute support. If you want to, please contact me.

  3. Frustrated

    FYI, CitizenGo (the petition authors) are far-right conservatives, and imo are so awful I block them on my own computer so I can’t be tricked into supporting their campaigns (as I did once, thinking they were progressive). Just so’s you know.

    1. Ian Clapham

      CitizenGO state plainly on their website they are pro life, family and liberty. If that is now far Right it shows how far Left our culture has been pushed – for the moment. If you want to believe anything that labels itself Progressive then this propaganda for sexual perversion is just the cause for you to support, until Progressives move onto the next transient fashion – who knows, incest? Since Western public culture abandoned the solid anchor of Christianity it is astonishing how it has become capable of believing in absolutely anything to fill the void (see St Augustine or GK Chesterton).

      1. Nina

        “Pro life” is a euphemism for forced impregnation and childbirth, and the vast majority are also anti contraception, but I’m guessing you already knew that. You can’t be pro life and pro liberty at the same time unless you only care about the liberty of men. Bodily autonomy is one of the most basic and essential freedoms there is. There’s also nothing pro-family about that movement, since most women seeking abortions already have children and choose to abort for their family’s well-being as well as their own. Unwanted pregnancies can cause serious physical and psychological problems for women, including death, and lack of access to family planning exacerbates family poverty. What’s pro family about making the children already here to live in poverty, live without adequate attention from parents, or outlive their own mother? Nothing, that’s what.

        1. Steve Weatherbe

          Forced impregnation is false characterization of prolife. Most unwanted pregnancy occurs from wanted sex. And pregnancy is the natural evolutionary reason for sex. But your idea of a separate petition for ‘progressives’ is a good one since opponents of the petition would not be able to dismiss you as you have just dismissed your conservative allies.

    2. Georgina

      You are correct, that petition host doesn’t represent this website, the author small or most of the audience . Could someone start a new petition on a more neutral or progressive platform that matches their perspective?

  4. Carrie-Anne

    This makes me so angry and stunned! If I had children, I’d be livid to learn this were being taught in their school(s)! This is such brainwashing and propagandistic indoctrination, with zero scientific or historical backing. This nonsense wasn’t happening even 5-10 years ago, and yet so many people now have obediently swilled down the Kool-Aid and begun parroting ridiculous ideology they would’ve rejected prior to this overnight, disproportionately exploding trend.

  5. sam

    Brilliant piece, and one that hits close to home. I was a child in the 80’s, long before this sort of thing was talked about in the mainstream, and I was always very tomboy-ish. I had short hair, played in the mud, wore boys clothes (thinking back…a lot of my female friends were like this, you don’t really get this as much now). I really think that if I had been subjected to these videos and this education at a young age I would have been convinced that my brain was “blue” that I would be male by now, and almost definitely regretting it or unhappy and troubled. It’s a scary thought. Turns out, I was a normal kid after all! I’m in my late 30’s now, and very definitely a WOMAN. It’s a very confusing time to be a child 🙁

  6. SonnyMcBob

    I’ll make this simple for all the sjws. There are only two genders, and you can’t change whether you’re male or female. If you have two x chromosomes, you are female, 1 x and 1 y chromosome makes you a male. No amount of body mutilation or modification will change that fact. Stop indoctrinating impressionable children with “transgender”, something that isn’t even real. If my high school decides to participate in “transgender awareness month”, I’ll be sure to post flyers in every hallway saying that gender is solely based off of your chromosomes.

    1. Jenn Smith

      I am transgender Sonny and I totally agree. The indoctrination/sexualization of children by insane elements of the LGBT community needs to stop. Unfortunately the pedophiles in Hollywood and at the top of society are pushing it and they are super powerful. But I fear the pushback is going to have to come from within the transgender community; that is what I am doing. WE also do not want the LGBT community indoctrinating just to create a bigger pool of fresh young people to feed upon. I am bi-sexual, but totally totally opposed to this mass insanity going on and trying to convert children. It is nuts! Check out my video on Youtube by searching “Transanity”.

  7. Jenn Smith

    There are people in transgendered community working against the insanity currently fueling public policy creation, and particularly policies regarding children and the indoctrination of children into the transgendered lifestyle, which we regard as an adult decision. Children are not mature enough to make these decisions, too subject to influence and flights of fancy, there is no way to know when a child is “really” transgender. We do not allow children to consent to having sex with adults because we know they are not mature enough to make that decision and are too easily influenced by all kinds of factors, and the same should apply to gender choices. I believe this movement to indoctrinate children is being promoted by pedophiles in the LGBT community, and we want to stop it in its tracks now. I just want people to know that not all transgendered people support these extreme policies and are opposed to the indoctrination and sexualisation of children that we see in pop culture now (as was evidenced on the January 2017 cover of National Geographic magazine in which they show a 9 year old boy dressed as a girl with his hand on his groin, which we find find offensive). We are beginning a movement in the transgender community to stop this insanity. Gender choice should be an adult decision. It is time people in the transgender movement stood up for sanity and what is right. Please check out my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imYad5dq_t0&feature=youtu.be .

    1. Transgender Trend

      Thank you for speaking out, it’s very brave of you (shouldn’t be but it is). We are aware that there are members of the transgender/transsexual community who are horrified by what is happening to children as well as the silencing of anyone who speaks out against it, so it’s great to hear that you’re starting a movement to challenge it. We will think about ways to signal boost your movement. Please get in touch via the contact form. Thank you!

  8. Michael O

    It is simply a plan to destroy Western society since it is Western society that can best withstand the globalists plan for total control. Without strong families there is no strong society.

  9. Chester Copperpot

    can u imagine when Ethan comes home and tells Daddums that he thinks he’s a girl?

    maybe teach kids relevant things; math and science before screwing with their impressionable minds with nonsense.

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