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Happy Birthday J K Rowling

J K Rowling’s and Harry Potter’s birthdays are coming up on July 31st. We have a fantastic way you can show your support for J K Rowling – read on!

We know we’re not alone in feeling enormous gratitude to J K Rowling for speaking out on behalf of women and children. Most people would support her right to talk of her own experiences as a woman and to express concern about the medical transition of children. However, much of the press coverage did not reflect this, but seemed to imply that J K Rowling had said something that was ‘anti trans’ and bigoted.

Articles such as this one from the BBC served as a platform to build the ‘case against’ J K Rowling and failed to report the true story. The real story was the onslaught of horrendous and misogynistic bullying of the world’s best-loved children’s author, in an attempt to ‘cancel’ her for the crime of speaking of female experience. The real story was also the outpouring of love and gratitude from women, feminists and parents alike, and the overwhelming support from defenders of free speech and ‘ordinary people’.

The real story was also about how few people in the public eye dared to stand up and publicly support J K Rowling – which was a demonstration of how effective bullying campaigns like this are – and the chilling effect they have on the whole of society and the freedom of exchange of ideas. Luckily we have journalists such as Madeleine Kearns who provided a platform for professional researchers such as Lisa Littman and Kenneth Zucker, who were willing to publicly state their support for J K Rowling.

It is the left, liberal media that has failed to report with adequate impartiality on the issue of transgender rights, and as Helen Saxby points out in this article, this includes reports on GRA reform that seriously mislead the public on political matters that affect them.

J K Rowling has catapulted this issue into wide public consciousness in a way that possibly no-one else could and the left-wing, liberal media has shown a bias in its reporting that only supports the bullying from those who want to stifle all debate. We think it is crucial that the left-wing media reports impartially and allows open, critical debate.

Harry Potter fans will know that the boy wizard receives his first Hogwarts’ acceptance letter a week before his 11th birthday. When his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon refuse to let him see the letter, more and more “letters from no one” begin to arrive, finally inundating his aunt and uncle.

So, Lisa Marchiano had an idea, Stella O’Malley drafted a letter, and they hatched a plot. Why don’t we all show our support for Joanne on her birthday by sending “letters from no one” to The Guardian, the BBC, and The New York Times? All we are asking for is constructive dialogue in the mainstream media.

Please join us! Download the letter here:

Print it out three times, and send it to the New York Times, the BBC, and the Guardian in time for it to arrive around July 31st.  

Once you’ve printed your letter, please take a picture of it and post the photo on social media using the hashtags #ItsNotHateToWantDebate and #HappyBirthdayJKR. Tag in the journalists and the outlets. And please help spread the word!

Let’s send as many letters to each of these media outlets as Hogwarts sent to Harry at Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia’s house. 

Looking forward to seeing you at Hogwarts!

#ItsNotHateToWantDebate #HappyBirthdayJKR

The Guardian

The Guardian
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90 York Way
London, N1 9GU, 
United Kingdom.


 The New York Times

620 8th Avenue
New York, NY 10018



BBC News
BBC Broadcasting House
Portland Place
London, W1A 1AA
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  1. Simon Baddeley

    J K Rowling is one of the people I will be telling my grandchildren – boy and girl – about, when they are a little older and interested in public courage in the social web age, as well as the character of a strong woman. They will also learn about inclusion, respect for differences and honour, and at the same time they will learn about crowd behaviour, and the odd and sometimes hateful behaviour of humans behaving crazily and nastily, because someone who has little to gain by it, stands up for truth.

    1. Lyndsey Snow

      Well said!

  2. sly fawkes

    I emailed them and added this statement at the end of my letter.

    My name is Sly. I am a 55-year-old American woman who lives with neurological, physical, and psychological challenges. I have been fighting for equal treatment for all people and for an end to the appalling misogyny that women are subjected to literally since childhood. I was dismayed when I started undergoing puberty, not because I didn’t want to be a woman but because I saw the way women are treated. I have been horrified by the misogynistic vitriol that J.K. Rowling has been subjected to, including sexual harassment and death threats, simply for recognizing that women are subject to sex-based discrimination.

    The conflation of sex and gender over the past decade has resulted in terrible harms to the rights that women have been fighting for during the past century and more. Women are being violently silenced for speaking out about sex-based discrimination and are being accused of “transphobia” for realizing that the experiences of transgender women are different than the experiences of those who are born women.

    J.K. Rowling does not hate transgender people and neither do I, but both of us are subject to hateful and violent threats for recognizing the erosion of women’s rights by a radicalized group of trans rights activists whom the media has capitulated to. J.K. Rowling has been much braver than anyone should have to be, and I honor her for it. It is time that the major media outlets have the courage to stand up for open and rational debate regarding these issues as well.

    Sincerely, Sly

    1. Paddy

      I’ve never been a fan of post-modern feminism until now. The backlash Rowling received is beyond ludicrous, and it seems Hagrid is the only person in the film franchise with the balls to stand up for her.
      I’ll never watch Harry Potter again because the three leads are a pack of backstabbing pathetic children, who turned on the person who made them. They could just as easily have said nothing, but that fuckwit Daniel Radcliffe.
      Sorry. Rant over.
      …Seriously though, what a little bitch.

      1. Sam

        Well said

  3. Caroline Jordan

    Late to the party but Rowling continues to have my support. I would normally be considered as PC, but this is the first time I would say : political correctness gone mad! 😕

  4. Trine

    Well said!

  5. Mike Smith

    Common good sense must prevail !

  6. Amy DeQuoy

    JK Rowling has proven herself brilliant, informed, and thoughtful in all her books and writing. If this is her honest response to trans-gender issues than she has every right to speak her mind and publish her thoughts like everyone, in theory, is supposed to in the Western World. She is wise, non-biased, and honest. And the trans-gender community could learn important lessons if they would allow themselves to listen to her.
    Happy Birthday Dear JK and Harry! You are my heroes!

  7. jos den boer

    JK Rowling deserves our support for opposing to brainless onesided views on the complex genderissue.

  8. Lynniegurrl

    I agree with all of the previous commentary. I consider myself an ‘ally’ and support equality, but JK Rowling is raising questions that need to be discussed, and the response from social media lynch mobs is the technology equivalent of Fahrenheit 451. Time will reveal the lemming and frankly immature mindset of the numerous individuals and media outlets who have disavowed Rowling.

  9. Gary Taylor

    I totally support JK Rowling against the prevalent hysterical diatribe against her thoughts and free speech.
    The PC / LGBTXYZ / Woke / BAME / BLM / Thought Police will discourage any person with an original perspective and the courage to stand up for their considered analysis and conclusions.
    On the 80th birthday celebration of the Battle of Britain, I salute a true Scot with whom I, as an Englishman, am prepared to stand shoulder to shoulder against such tyranny.
    Let democracy and free speech remain our corner stone.
    What else is there to say , except the rest is silence.

    Gary Taylor

    1. John

      JK is the best.
      I couldn’t give a flying f*ck about these airhead tears genders who all need medical help. More than two genders?? Get the f*ck out of here and seek medical drugs because you’re nothing more than mental patients.
      Every ten years there’s a daft new human trend, 20yrs ago it was bulimia, everyone and their dog had it…10yrs ago it was bipolar, everyone and their dog had it…and yet now? You barely hear about those two because the new trend is transgender….blah blah blah…nothings changed in the world. Its still full of f*ckwits who simply can’t handle the fact that someday they will die and whilst waiting for it they have to come up with something to deflect it.

  10. StuartK

    I say God bless J K Rowling for her courage and honesty. She is among a group of other courageous feminists who are trying to fight for the rights of women and children in particular, and to make absolutely reasonable statements about humanity.

  11. AR

    I find it incredibly sad that there are so many people who under the guise of advocating human rights for non-binary and trans people, with their supposed goal of evangelising freedom of identity based off self-belief, are on the other hand so completely eager to attack, vilify and do harm to others simply for their own beliefs. It is the most hypocritical and ridiculous situation I could have possibly imagined humanity to get into. People are not fighting for equality any more. Just like how the “Black Lives Matter” movement has now made Netflix categories into existence such as “Black British Comedies”. It would be racist to have a category called “White British Comedies”. Why can we not just have a category that says “Comedies” with all nations and races mixed together? The answer is because of mob culture, fear-driven social pressure. People are so afraid to speak out about things that appear dangerous such as JKR has done, because of the awful reaction she has received. I wholeheartedly admire JKR for standing up for herself and her own beliefs and perceptions.

  12. Samson

    I was completely with this until you brought left wing into the picture, totally irrelevant and quite obnoxious to do that. Being left wing means standing for social equality, which would mean not allowing trans people to be put above women or bully them. Being right wing means agreeing with social hierarchy and freedom to behave how you want, which includes bullying entire sexes or races into submission. But don’t worry, lots of people get a bit dyspraxic.

  13. PJM

    I am so grateful to JK Rowling for her courage and the role she has had to take on to protect women from the ongoing patriarchal foundations of our society writ large in the latest idea that being a woman is a ‘feeling’. As in wtf! I have suffered from gender based violence – I come from Iran – but I cannot believe what is happening here. Protecting trans rights when a woman is killed by a man in the uk every THREE DAYS. Why is the debate on this so muted but the trans debate is so noisy?

  14. Sandie

    Bravo to all the above for support and being so eloquent about J K Rowling and her views in sticking for Woman’s rights. I concur to all the above.

  15. lily

    now i could be wrong on this please correct me if i am but didnt being “trans” make you have a mental disorder? like i completely support lgb and even some tq but lets face the facts you either have a X chromosone or a Y chromosone there is no in between and no matter what you were born with a v or a d and if we let “trans” woman that are just guys that say they are woman into female bathrooms do you know how many more girls will get raped? this world is f d up

  16. Galina

    I found this page while trying to find a way to show my support for JKR.
    It breaks my heart to see how many people who claim to be Harry Potter fans find it so easy to completely separate the author from her books and to post hateful comments without even trying to understand what she’s talking about.

    Trans people might be very vulnerable, it’s good to see so many people showing their support. But hate speech shouldn’t be a resort if you believe you’re fighting for a good cause. And the issues JKR brought up are pretty serious, by shutting down the discussion as nothing but ‘transphobic’ you can’t make them go away

  17. Joseph King

    I am grateful to JK Rowling for having the courage to stand up to the transgender agenda and the woke left and left wing media and organizations such as GLADD. As a 71 year old gay man, I have seen our community being destroyed by the transgender agenda. One of their goals is not only to erase our women’s straight allies existence but is to destroy particularly gay men’s culture. Spreading propaganda that drag queens should only be transgender and robbing gay men of their history. Without the women’s movement, there would be no gay rights. They have nothing in common with the gay community. We have same sex attraction and they have gender dysphoria. There are only 2 biological sexes. They and them refer to two or more people. Transgender MTF don’t belong in women’s competitive sports. When I was a boy a neighbor told my mother that I acted like a girl and they should take me to a doctor. Think if I was now at that age and would be given puberty blockers and hormones. I might face sterility or never experience an orgasm. That is why some of the European countries are banning them. I am a former Woke liberal but I am not right wing so I am in no man’s land. I am no longer a member of the democratic party. I have been canceled by some gay men but I believe strongly in gay and women’s rights so shall continue on. I am grateful for this group.

  18. Kathy

    There is a mountain of support for JK Rowling’s views. There are those who are prepared to voice and write their support, and many more who are afraid to do so. Legally recognising trans women as women deprives women of their identity. Women are not the same as trans women. Women are not trans women, they are women. Trans women and women are biologically different. Being a woman is therefore not the same as being a trans woman.
    To create legislation that insists trans women be legally recognised as women, is therefore an act of oppression against women where women have no legal recognition or rights..

  19. Susan Hares

    I totally support J K Rowling

  20. Gaynor Moore

    I stand by J K Rowling and her beliefs and truth. I want to stand with her so therefore offer my 100% support.

  21. Gaynor Moore

    Please add my name to her list of supporters.

  22. Søren Thrane

    What is happening in Scotland. Or for that matter in the UK? It seems your whole world/country/nation is collapsing into “Tolerance Tyranny”

  23. Harper

    So glad she speaks up! When I speak up against trans women competing in professional sports, I see my colleagues shift uncomfortably on their chairs, mumbling it isn’t inclusive and it’s not fair to ban these women from competition. But it’s also not fair to the women competing against biologically superior trans women. The fact that there is a division between men and women in most sports should be evidence enough for this. When force or speed don’t matter the sport can be mixed like equestrian sports, snooker or motor racing to name a few, but it shouldn’t come as a real surprise that if you let trans woman compete in weightlifting all your base are belong to us.

  24. Charles Neale

    What a brave lady.
    The oddest thing about the trans brigade is their aggression and general nastiness. At the risk of being sexist,, they want to become women, a sex/gender generally considered to be more gentle and caring, but here they are, foaming at the mouth like wild dogs.
    As for the Guardian, what an apology for a newspaper…..

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