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  1. Alison Thomas

    As always Transgender Trend is producing accurate clear resources with child safeguarding at their core. I have no idea what motivates Stonewall and The Proud Trust to push this bizarre concept of identity? It is doing huge harms to our children. My friends daughter , in all seriousness now identifies as a GAY BOY. Her school and Mermaids are referring her to The TAVI where she hopes to physically transition. She is 13 years old. Thank you for working so hard to expose the harms behind the glitter and rainbows. It is y honest belief that Stonewall is now doing harm to gay people and gay children by promoting”wrong body” “identity” theory. I hope legislators sit up and take action. I notice that schools and care givers are waking up too. Thank yu for your incredible resources and all that you do- signed a sensible and compassionate parent!

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