On this page we are building a collection of resources for schools including information for teachers and lesson plans, as an alternative to the materials presented by transgender organisations which conflate ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ in a way which is misleading and is encouraging more and children to feel they need to ‘transition’ if they don’t fit rigid sex stereotypes. Our aim is to arm schools with all the relevant facts so that teachers feel more informed and confident in creating a safe school for all pupils, including non-conforming children and those who identify as ‘transgender.’

Download our guidance documents here:

Introduction to schools guidance

Guidance for school leaders

Creating a welcoming school for gender non conforming students

These documents on the impact of ‘gender identity’ ideology on children and adolescents are also available to download:

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Impact of Teaching Gender Identity to Children

Impact of the Loss of Single Sex Spaces on Girls

Impact on Adolescent Girls

Early childhood and adolescence are crucial periods of identity development. These documents assess the influence of gender identity teaching at these distinct developmental stages:

Child Development


Our alternative Science Museum exhibit (which we devised after the Science Museum was critisised for its exhibit which promoted the idea of pink and blue brains as well as “gender identity” orthodoxy) may help with ideas for lesson plans: http://www.transgendertrend.com/an-alternative-science-museum-exhibit-boy-or-girl/

The talk below was given as part of the Thinking Differently conference at the Conway Hall, London in July 2016.