Sajid Javid to launch urgent inquiry into gender treatment for children

Sajid Javid
Sajid Javid

Health Secretary Sajid Javid has announced an urgent inquiry into gender hormone treatment for vulnerable children, stating that the system is “failing children.” The Health Secretary is planning an overhaul of how health service staff deal with under-18s who question their gender identity and has likened political sensitivities over gender dysphoria to the fears of racism in Rotherham over grooming gangs.

The Times reports that Javid is also preparing legal changes that would give Hilary Cass access to an NHS database of children treated by the service to see how many later regretted taking puberty-blockers and cross-sex hormones.

We would like to thank Hilary Cass for her work in leading the Cass Review into the Tavistock GIDS. The publication of the recent interim report has been pivotal in the exposure of a system that has failed the most vulnerable children, including teenage girls, neurodiverse children and those in the care system.

The politicisation of a childhood condition and adolescent identity development has led to catastrophic failings in the health system’s duty of care to children. An ideological system based on faith rather than facts and evidence has led to numerous children and young people being harmed irreversibly by the medical profession. The independent Cass Review has shone a light on a medical experiment on children that was previously obscured by dogma and an adult political agenda.

The consequences of giving one group of diverse children the simplistic political label ‘transgender’ has led to an unquestioning acceptance of a child’s self-diagnosis by the health profession and a complete abdication of duty to provide normal standards of paediatric care. We are grateful that Sajid Javid has listened to Cass and we hope that the days of listening to activist groups on the subject of healthcare for children are well and truly over.

In 2015 we founded our organisation to call for investigation and open debate on the issue of gender treatment for children. Seven years later we have the interim findings of the Cass Review and the promise of a government inquiry. The bullying, defamation and attempts to silence us along the way have only strengthened our conviction that political lobby groups do not have children’s best interests at heart and are not appropriate ambassadors for children.

We only ever asked for proper, evidence-based healthcare for children confused or distressed about their gender. Today our work is vindicated.

We are grateful to everyone who has supported us and the courageous individuals who have also spoken out, at risk to their jobs, reputations and livelihoods.

This is a wake-up call. We must never again allow children to be used as pawns in an adult political movement. We must always ask questions. We must always insist on open discussion and debate on issues that affect children’s lives on such a profound level. As a society we have a collective duty of care towards children and young people and we must never again let them down so badly.

Thank you Sajid Javid.

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  1. Peter Benjamin

    Good as long as he bans these hormonesd

  2. Maisie Cox

    I am hoping that they will also recognise ASD , neurodiverse , young adults as a vulnerable cohort when considering appropriate treatments , before automatic affirming and medicalisation

  3. Miranda

    Please let this be the start of the tide turning on this awful cult that has captured so many of our children and vulnerable young adults .
    Please let the woke gagging of sensible adults end.

  4. Lyndsey Snow

    Absolutely brilliant news. I am not a conservative by any stretch but I absolutely agree and applaud them for their courage to stand up to this nonsense, it is an absolute shame that all the other parties are too spineless to do the same.

  5. diane Covert

    Finally ! Someone in health care with common sense stands up
    to question this outrageous practice of giving kids puberty blockers (barbaric!) ,cross sex hormones,and surgeries! Thank you! Maybe other medical professionals will step up also.

  6. Emma

    Thankful to Javid for his awareness and attention on this horrific movement of abuse, disguising itself as being “kind”, amongst other lies.
    Always grateful to Transgender Trend and the awesome work it does. Quietly attending to and monitoring such important issues and keeping us informed. Thank you so much.
    I hope this is the beginning of the end for this abuse we’ve witnessed.

  7. Sarah Read

    Hurrah! Common sense is beginning to prevail. I feel such a sense of relief in reading this article. I also am deeply grateful to Transgender Trend for you have given me strength and real information so that I could speak out at work about my concerns for these children. I’ve found myself to be quite fearless at times, as I’ve felt so well informed.

  8. Joan Appleton

    One great step towards truth.
    Now await the response from these two wok trapped libs and Labs, a further dose of piffle of doubt— their backs severely to the wall.

  9. Scout

    Excellent news!
    A victory for common sense.

  10. Viv

    What a relief to realise common sense in some adults is mature enough to protect our children. How this was ever allowed in the first place by people who proport to understand children’s interests is beyond belief. Thankyou Sajid Javid for acting and not being conned by the activists. this went against all my developmental psychology and psychotherapy training please don’t overlook the need for longitudinal research now.

  11. Aran

    Thank you for all the job you have been doing for tiresless years. These are the fruits. Finally ,someone is listening. Finallyally, rising questions and look for scientific based evidence is not label as suspicious of bigotry. I feel for all this children suffering for political & ideology nonsense. Thank you for stand by the truth for being brave enough to say” the emperor is naked”.

  12. Simon Baddeley

    At last! This scandal is being exposed at the highest level. Well done you TERFs and supporters, me included

  13. Anna

    Thanks so much for your incredible work

  14. Alastair

    Thank you Trnsgndrtrnd for all your amazing efforts to help bring about this inquiry. Momentous!

    ‘Neurodiverse’ is a linguistic move not unlike that of ‘transgender’: it essentialises – makes into an innate characteristic, a fixed ‘thing’ – what is properly considered intelligible, accessible to thought.
    Brains affect minds and minds affect brains. #AbsenceofMind #MarilynneRobinson #MaryMidgley

  15. D Harding

    O happy day

  16. leaf. C

    My interest is firmly in safe health outcomes for these children. The rabid affirmation mindset has impeded intelligent discussion.

    I have only recently become aware of the swollen numbers of children being referred to GIDS clinics; we cannot ignore the possibility of social contagion in all of this fuelled by social media. The notion that the effect of puberty blockers is fully reversible is a dangerous falsehood. Health professionals like myself have not been paying attention to what is happening in these specialist centres and will inherit the public health fallout in years to come.

  17. P. Pennell

    Geez as a socialist I never thought I’d find myself agreeing with/being thankful to Sajid Javid!

  18. Margaret

    It’s already accepted that 87% of those medically transed would have turned out gay or Lesbian if allowed to go through a supported puberty. Detransitioners are left with irreparably damaged bodies which causes grave distress. Even noteable trans tend to drop out in their mid twenties when their brains reach maturity. Stop trans conversion on gay and lesbian children. Stop all drugs and removal of healthy body parts before 25.

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