A collection of resources for parents, including some things you might want to share with your child, including helpful websites, writings, books and videos. See the Detransition page for stories from people who transitioned and later regretted doing so or gained new insights into why they had taken that path. See also the Useful Links page for websites and support organisations.

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An essential guide for parents of children who announce they are transgender or non-binary, written by three therapists with expertise in this area: Lisa Marchiano, Stella O’Malley and Sasha Ayad.

No magic, one-size-fits-all solutions, just common-sense and compassion and a deep understanding of child and adolescent development. A timely and important alternative to all the parenting books available which tell you to simply affirm your child as the opposite sex.

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A collection of accounts by parents of children who have announced a transgender identity. Wide-ranging stories from parents from all walks of life with one thing in common; this anthology encompasses a wide variety of experiences. Any parent with a trans-identified child will find at least one account that resonates here.

For all parents who have felt alone with the struggle to help their child in the best way they can, while society simply celebrates their child’s identity.

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A must-read for parents and carers of tween/teen girls, teachers and youth workers, along with politicians and policy-makers. This is an exhaustively-researched account by journalist Abigail Shrier of the unprecedented modern phenomenon of teenage girls suddenly identifying as transgender.

Relevant for the UK and for every country currently witnessing this explosion in teenage girl referrals to gender clinics, this book asks the question why. Highly recommended.

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Written by psychanalytic psychotherapist Susan Evans and consultant psychotherapist Marcus Evans, this is essential reading for parents looking for a therapeutic rather than a medical pathway for their children. This book explores a psychoanalytical model for understanding gender dysphoria and the assessment and treatment of trans-identifying children and young people, from two authors with over two decades’ experience in the field. Highly recommended for parents, professionals and anyone seeking to gain more insight into the psychological factors which may underlie individual experiences of gender dysphoria.

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An insider account of the collapse of the Tavistock Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) by Newsnight journalist Hannah Barnes.

Through interviews with clinicians and therapists who were working at the service over a span of decades this is a shocking account of a service in thrall to an ideology, and what happens when evidence-based standards of care are dropped.

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Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality by Economist journalist Helen Joyce is an overview of the trans movement and the growth of opposition to it in a mostly UK context.

A must-read if you want to know how the idea of ‘gender identity’ came to be embedded throughout government and institutions, including schools, and the growth of grassroots organisations set up to challenge these ideas and uphold the rights of women and girls and the safeguarding of children.

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Published in 2017, this is a groundbreaking book edited by Heather Brunskell-Evans and Michele Moore.

This book is a collection of essays about the current theory and practice of transgendering children. Essays are written against the grain of the popularised medical definition of ‘the transgender child’ as a young person whose ‘true’ gender lies in the brain, or pre-social ‘identity’. Contributors contest this diagnosis from a range of perspectives, including as social theorists, psychotherapists, persons living as transgender, individuals who have de-transitioned, and parents of adolescents identifying as transgender.

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The second collection of essays edited by Heather Brunskell-Evans and Michele Moore.

The essays in this volume are written by clinicians, psychologists, sociologists, educators, parents and de-transitioners. Contributors demonstrate how ‘transgender children and young people’ are invented in different medical, social and political contexts: from specialist gender identity development services to lobby groups and their school resources, gender guides and workbooks; from the world of the YouTube vlogger to the consulting rooms of psychiatrists; from the pharmaceutical industry to television documentaries.

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Material Girls by Kathleen Stock is a philosopher’s view of the trans phenomenon that is accessible to the lay reader.

An essential read if you want to know, in simple terms, the different definitions of the word ‘gender’ so that you know what you are talking about and can be clear about what definitions other people are using! An easy guide to the complicated meanings, interpretations and understandings of the terms that have become embedded in our language.

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Savage Minds Podcasts

Michael Biggs

Az Hakeem

Sue and Marcus Evans

David Bell

William Malone

Lisa Littman

Stephanie Davies-Arai

Gender: A Wider Lens Podcast

What if we are all wrong – a mother’s regret

What your teen is trying to tell you

Detransition awareness

Time to think with Hannah Barnes

Affirming reality for kids with Stephanie Davies-Arai


Michele Moore

Stephanie Davies-Arai

Lisa Marchiano

Sasha Ayad

Dr Susan Bradley

Peach Yogurt

Magdalen Berns

Doc Amitay

Stephanie Davies-Arai

Trans Kids – It’s Time to Talk

Stella O’Malley considers the huge rise in numbers of young people embarking on gender transition, through the prism of the gender identity issues that she experienced when she was a child. The programme aired on Channel 4 on November 21 2018.

Watch here.

Secrets of the Motherworld

Lisa Marchiano and Stella O’ Malley podcast. Episode 11: It was his Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria that broke me.

Listen here.

Gender: A Wider Lens podcast

Stella O’ Malley and Sasha Ayed discuss issues of gender.

Listen to the podcasts here.



Guidance for Parents of Teens with Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria

From The Jung Soul, website of Jungian Analyst Lisa Marchiano

If you are the parent of a teen who suddenly, out of the blue, announces that they are transgender, this piece by Lisa Marchiano is essential reading. Compassionate and non-judgmental, this is the best advice we have seen about how to respond as a parent to a tween/teen who becomes convinced they are ‘trans.’
“The trend to affirm and transition children and teens with rapid onset dysphoria is not supported by science at this time, however professionals are not offering much in the way of alternative treatment options. Having a teen with rapid onset gender dysphoria can feel like being lost without a map.”

Read the full post here

Secret Gender Critical Blog

A blog by a young lesbian who thought she was ‘transmasc’ for many years. “i discovered detransitioning blogs on tumblr and realized that, as a child, no one ever presented being a GNC female as an option to me. i was not feminine. i liked girls. i did not want to be a lesbian. i didn’t know any lesbians personally and like every other young girl in the US i grew up thinking that dykes were fat and ugly and aggressive and smelly and no one liked them. it was inconceivable to me that i could be a happy lesbian, much less a happy, non-feminine woman. it was inconceivable to me that i could deal with my dysphoria (my hatred of my body but especially my hatred of how men treated my body, and how society treated me because of my body) in a way that did not involve altering or obliterating it.”

Read the full blog here

Advice For Parents of Teen Girls and Girl-Children Who Think They Are Trans

Advice for parents from a young woman who was on the transgender path. “Also, you need to be able to support your daughter, but if your child confronts you about your hesitations, simply tell her this: “if anything medically bad happened to you as a result of my consenting to hormone treatment for you, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself.” Don’t offer any further explanations. Hold firm on this. Repeat as necessary.”

Read the full post here

What you can do for your kid

Carey Callahan, a detransitioned woman and family therapist writes a series of articles advising parents on how to establish the ground rules for a positive relationship with their child who identifies as transgender. “What this means is that cultivating a positive relationship in which you have credibility and influence with that person you made is paramount.”

Read the introduction to the series here

Finding middle ground: the importance of empathy

Written by Juliette van Steensel, a 19-year-old woman who identified as transgender for a brief period in her earlier teenage years. “Throughout all of this, my relationship with my parents was vital. My parents never rejected me — they expressed at times they didn’t agree with my self-diagnosis, but at no point did they make my insecurities feel invalid.”

Read the full post here

Is My Child Transgender?

From the parenting blog ‘Communicating with Kids.’ Put ‘transgender’ into Search to find all the posts relating to transgender issues. “For children, ‘I’m really a girl’ or ‘I’m really a boy’ is the only language they have to understand and explain their personalities in a world that reinforces the correct gender behaviour everywhere they look. Society does a pretty thorough job of conditioning children into boy and girl roles as it is, can’t at least we parents feel and express confidence in our tough girls and sensitive boys?”

Read the full post here

Purple Sage: On Leaving The Trans Cult

A useful personal story from a young lesbian woman who moved from immersion in transgender politics as a social justice cause to a realisation of the harms of the movement for women and, especially, lesbians. This is a helpful synopsis of the two sides of the debate for all young people. “I was taught that transgender people were born in the wrong body and had to change their body to match their internal image of themselves. I am an open-minded person and I had no problem believing this. But a lot of my feminist sisters were not open to it. I started getting into online fights with other feminists.”

Read the full post here

To Boys Who Don’t Fit In – A Guest Post by Jesse

An alternative view from a transwoman who challenges the usual mantra ‘transwomen are women.’  “I’m a bit like you. I was a boy who didn’t fit in, who grew into a young man who didn’t fit in, and wanted, and wished, to be a girl.”

Read the full post here


Sex and Gender – A Beginner’s Guide

The most thorough and comprehensive examination of the difference between biological sex and gender, taking in science, social and political meanings, hierarchies of gender, and the implications of ‘gender identity’ as a replacement for biology. By Rebecca Reilly-Cooper.

Read the full guide here

What is Gender Anyway?

A comprehensive, well-researched analysis of the development of the current belief in the idea of innate ‘gender identity,’ taking in scientific inquiry and political and cultural meanings of the term ‘gender.’ By Sarah Ditum.

Read the full article here