Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria Research Study

There has been a huge spike in adolescent referrals to gender clinics over the last year (predominantly teenage girls) and very little evidence of any serious critical evaluation of why this is happening coming from clinicians, other than that transgender people have become more known about and accepted. So we’re very happy that a researcher wants to learn more from the parents of these young people in order to gain a research-based understanding of this very recent phenomenon.

Below is a description and link to a research survey intended to collect information about rapid onset of gender confusion/dysphoria and social media use in teens and young adults. If your child or young person began experiencing gender dysphoria between the ages of 10 and 21, please consider filling out the survey. Also, please feel free to share the information below with the survey link with others you know or on social media.

Transgender Trend has collaborated with youthtranscriticalprofessionals.org and 4thwavenow.com to disseminate this survey. This same material will be posted on all three sites.

Rapid onset gender dysphoria, social media, and peer groups

GCO# 16-1211-00001-01-PD

We have heard from many parents describing that their child had a rapid onset of gender dysphoria in the context of increasing social media use and/or being part of a peer group in which one or multiple friends has developed gender dysphoria and come out as transgender during a similar time frame. Several parents have described situations where entire friend groups became gender dysphoric. This type of presentation is atypical and has not been studied to date. We feel that this phenomenon needs to be described and studied scientifically.

If your child has had sudden or rapid development of gender dysphoria beginning between the ages of 10 and 21, please consider completing the following online survey. If you have more than one child with gender dysphoria who fits the above description, please complete one survey per child.

This survey is completely anonymous and confidential and conducted through Survey monkey, an independent third- party. There is no way to connect your name with your responses. We do not track email or IP addresses. The survey should take 30-60 minutes. Participation in this research study is voluntary, and you may refuse or quit at any time before completing the survey.
If you know of any individuals with a similar experience who might be eligible for this survey, or any communities where there might be eligible parents, please copy and paste this recruitment notice and survey link to share. Thank you!

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  1. Sarah

    I am so glad that I found this site to give me an unbiased view and help me understand what may be going on with my Teen. As a result of this I have tried to avoid letting camhs or a gender clinic get involved and have just delayed a few appointments which has resulted in my Teen saying she can’t be bothered with it any more as it all seems a bit of an “effort” I am sure that anyone who is truly transgender would not find this so and feel my Teen was influenced heavily by You Tubers that she follows.

  2. Jess

    Hi, do you have access to the survey data mentioned above please?

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