The Transmission of Transition




16 pages including comprehensive video references.

There has been an exponential rise in the referrals of gender-confused young women to gender clinics in the UK. Could YouTube transition videos be playing a causative role?

How much influence may YouTube transition vloggers have over children and young people?
Do transition vloggers shape young people’s views of their gender identity by providing a particular ideological lens through which to interpret their life and difficulties?

By looking into the world of YouTube transition vlogs and bringing together observations on the language, filters, signs and suggestions embedded in them, this article examines their intentions towards, and possible impact on, the minds of young female viewers.

This is an edited and updated version of an article which first appeared as a chapter in the book ‘Inventing Transgender Children and Young People’, edited by Michele Moore and Heather Brunskell-Evans and published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing; Unabridged edition (1 Nov. 2019). The book is available to buy here: