Press Release: Transgender Trend #EnoughIsEnough Campaign Raises £13,500 in 48 Hours


The Transgender Trend #EnoughIsEnough fundraising campaign has attracted pledges totalling £13,500 – 27% of the £50,000 target – in just 48 hours. One anonymous donor pledged a hugely generous £5,000. The campaign will run for four weeks and has a stretch target of £100,000 which will fund further research, campaign activities and production of schools resources.

The Transgender Trend schools pack, which attracted controversy among lobby groups such as Stonewall when it was first published in February 2018, has been downloaded 12,000 times and the first print run of 1,000 hard copies has been sent out to teachers and parents all over the UK. Demand is so high a second print run is planned, along with a Children’s Rights Impact Assessment, Safeguarding Concerns and Sex Education reports and a children’s picture book. More schools resources are also being planned and developed.

Transgender Trend has attracted an international reputation as the leading organisation to call for a sensible discussion and evidence-based research and scientific inquiry into the treatment of children experiencing gender confusion, and is the only UK organisation calling for an evidence-based approach to understanding the upsurge in children and young people being identified as transgender.

Transgender Trend is the only UK organisation promoting Equality Act compliant in-schools resources for children and young people, independently assessed in an article in the TES as the most consistent with Technical Guidance for Schools in England issued by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Founder Stephanie Davies-Arai said:

“The amazing response to our campaign shows how vital our work is to parents and everyone who sees the damaging effect of gender ideology on children.

“We felt ‘enough is enough’ when Imperial College demanded a public apology from a senior academic for perceived ‘transphobic’ activity which included following Transgender Trend on Twitter. We were described as ‘anti-trans’ without anyone bothering to fact-check this defamatory allegation.

“We felt emboldened to launch this campaign by the never ending appeals we receive from families, schools, communities and politicians needing support for their response to transgender lobby groups.

“Since launching the campaign on Friday night, three stories involving transgender campaign organisations have attracted a huge public response: the Edexcel exam board changed ‘sex’ to ‘gender’ in a GCSE exam question on chromosomes on advice from Stonewall, Wagamama announced they are changing their toilets to mixed-sex on the advice of Gendered Intelligence, and a letter in the Sunday Times in support of the Scouting Association revising their transgender policy which was written in partnership with Mermaids attracted 123 signatories.

“Parents don’t want their children to be taught that ‘gender’ feelings make you a boy or a girl and that their biological sex is randomly ‘assigned’ at birth. They don’t want their daughters to have to share public toilets with men or share mixed-sex sleeping accommodation in Scouts or Guides.

“The public is saying “Enough is enough.” Transgender Trend is the organisation which speaks on their behalf.”

This is a David against Goliath fight. We are unpaid volunteers taking on the highly-funded trans activist lobby and we need funding to continue and expand our work which is already making such a huge difference. Please support and share our campaign widely! Thank you.


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  1. Karen Richardson

    David’s fight against Goliath needs more than money.
    We need a miracle. Meanwhile children are being exposed to dangerous ideology.
    There is no such thing as a “trans” person. We are either male or we are female. A person who has surgery to change gender is a victim of an addiction to self harm and physical mutilation which result in sterilisation. Goliath has a plan to control population growth.

  2. Carol Easton

    Brilliant work.

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