Post Trans launches Gender Detransition booklet

post trans

Post Trans is a project led by two female detransitioners whose objective is to give visibility and resources to detransitioners and desisters. You can visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where they regularly share stories of female detransitioners and desisters.

We asked Elie and Nele, the two founders of the project, to tell us a bit more about the creation of their informative booklet about detransition.

post trans

“After over a year working on giving visibility to female detransitioners’ experiences with Post Trans, we realised that there was an important need for resources addressed to detransitioners, including information about how to detransition medically, alternative ways to deal with gender dysphoria and general advice. This is why we decided to create an informative booklet about detransition, to be distributed online as well as offline. It was important to us that, in addition to providing answers to the latter questions, it accomplishes the two primary goals of Post Trans: bringing visibility to the topic of detransition and giving a voice to various detransitioners and desisters.

In order to do so, we collected written experiences from 75 female and male detransitioners and desisters in relation to their detransition process. The content of the booklet is entirely based on their accounts. We divided the booklet into two main parts, addressed to two different publics: the first one aims to raise general awareness around the topic of detransition, while the second is addressed more specifically to detransitioners and desisters. It is also meant to be a resource for anyone considering to transition or who experiences gender dysphoria.

Our objective with the distribution of the booklet is to start discussions about detransition in an empathetic way, with the sole aim of improving detransitioners’ and desisters’ lives. We do not want to create a counter narrative to the trans-affirmative one, nor do we want to invalidate trans people’s lives and experiences. Simply, we believe that it is time that detransitioners are included in conversations and that they start being listened to and cared for rather than being systematically dismissed.

We are currently working on making the booklet as widely accessible as possible. Digital versions are freely available in several languages on our website. You can find more information about how to support our project here.”

post trans

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FREE download of the digital version here

FREE (p&p £3.50) printed booklet available here

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