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parent power

We have written posts (here and here) about the content of transgender schools toolkits which are being adopted as guidance on the recommendation of local councils throughout the UK. Many of these local guidelines are based on the Allsorts toolkit, which is the most extreme in its erasure of single-sex facilities and sports with no due regard or impact assessment on the rights of girls. We published our own schools pack in February and we are now crowdfunding for printed copies to meet the demand from parents who want something to take into their child’s school.

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Schools cannot ignore parent power. All parents are stakeholders in guidance promoting policy change which will affect every schoolchild in the country if implemented.

Parents in the Vale of Glamorgan recently demonstrated parent power when their local council decided to recommend such guidance. Parents wrote letters of objection and some parents took our schools pack along to a council meeting to demonstrate to council members that there is an alternative to the Allsorts guidance. When deliberating over transgender policies in schools, every local council now has a duty to read our schools pack just because it exists – they cannot claim to have considered all evidence unless they include it in their decision-making process.

Regarding the Council’s recommendation of the Allsorts pack, Councillor Sivaruby Sivagnanam wrote:

“the approach here has not been joined up and I think poorly reflects the Vale’s duty to promote equality for all protected characteristics”

She warned – “as a lawyer” – that the Vale Council “may face the possibility of legal action.” This is exactly what we have been saying: in fact no transgender schools toolkits we have seen so far evidence due regard or compliance with general Equality duty.

It seems that our guidance was not considered because it was not available when the proposals first went to cabinet in November 2017:

We know that councils around the country are now in the process of considering trans inclusion schools guidance for local schools. This is why it is so important that parents act now.

Contact your local council, ask which guidance they are recommending and ask to see evidence of equality impact assessments on other protected characteristics, especially ‘sex.’ Ask your child’s school what their transgender policy is and alert them to the Transgender Trend schools resource pack.

Support us to produce printed copies for parents to take into schools and council offices.

We have just seen a report that the schools board in Fairfax County, Virginia in the United States, has approved changes to the sex education policy in local schools:

“Schools will strike references to “biological sex” in the current curriculum and replace those references with “sex assigned at birth.””

This is what will happen here if we allow it. The biology curriculum as it stands now is “transphobic” and it will logically have to change if schools implement policies based on ‘gender identity’ rather than sex.

Schools policies are being dictated by a powerful group of extremist activists whose tactics include defamation and accusations of ‘transphobia’ towards anyone who holds a different opinion.

The trans lobby was so threatened by our campaign to print copies of our schools pack and distribute it to parents and schools across the UK that they launched a mass protest to Crowdfunder, resulting in the suspension of our project. After a 6-day investigation by their legal team we were found NOT to be in breach of Crowdfunder’s content guidelines re ‘Hate’ and the project was reinstated. Andrew Gilligan covered the suspension in the Sunday Times here, Lily Maynard wrote a blog post which told the whole story of the bullying campaign against us here and Anti-Porn Feminists reported on the happy ending, here. We are very grateful to journalists Andrew Gilligan and Oliver Burkeman for their public support.

The response from our supporters has been amazing and we are so grateful to everyone who wrote to Crowdfunder, donated to the project and shared this campaign. We have passed our initial target of £10,000 and are now heading towards the stretch target of £20,000. This would enable us to employ professional services for a targeted schools campaign and also provide us with funds for further projects. We are currently working on resources for children themselves, including teenage girls and teenage boys and we have been in consultation with educators about the possibility of producing resources specifically for ASD/SEN children, who are among the most vulnerable to ‘gender identity’ ideology. We need to fund design and printing costs to realise these projects.

If alternative resources are not available, schools may feel they have to use guidance and classroom resources produced by organisations such as Stonewall, Gendered Intelligence, Mermaids, Allsorts and Educate and Celebrate. Society has a problem with sex-role non-conformity but children are already being taught through transgender resources to locate the source of the problem in their own physical bodies. Children are already growing up genuinely believing that it is possible to change sex.

Parent power can prevent that and we must speak out. It is more effective for parents to present a professional booklet to their child’s school than to email them a link to a download. Our schools pack is already being used by schools in some areas and the feedback we have had from teachers is overwhelmingly positive. We want to put power in the hands of more parents, with hard copies of the schools pack to take into their child’s school, and eventually more printed resources for children.

Please help us! Please donate, share and spread the word about our Crowdfunder. We have one week to go, let’s see if we can reach £20,000 by Friday June 22nd. Thank you!

Parent power really works, nobody can ignore parents’ views. Let’s make this happen together!

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parent power

Once the Crowdfunder campaign is over, please consider donating towards our ongoing work here. Thank you!

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  1. Bonnie Drasco

    An excellent pack, pleasingly biased against transitioning and if adopted it’ll soon have the kids seeing this isn’t normal. I’m so glad that Transgender Trend used case studies to de bunk this myth that the specialists in gender pedal out to say that a very high percentage of transitioners both young and old are happy with their choice.

  2. charles lewis

    The real villains here are the governments of the UK and the educational departments that go blindly along with the idiotic lies and deceptions of the activists. I am to some extent heartened by the commentaries on the various links you provide in your blog, from teachers, parents and others, who totally and convincingly refute the ravings of the trans lobby and their Nazi tactics as well as the dangers they pose to our children and society generally, and the huge future scandal that will explode in due course.
    As to the lies: 1. that gender dysphoria is not a mental health issue. It has always been such and continues to be; it is in fact total body dysmorphia (body dysmorphia being still a recognised psychological disorder) — it is as much a psychological disorder as anorexia, another form of self-harm. That anyone with an ounce of sense can regard it as normal and natural, for example, for a man who begs for castration and penectomy and a lifetime on drugs to alter the natural functioning of his body is beyond belief.
    Lie number 2: that gender is between the ears and not between the legs. This is simply a mental fabrication by the activists , which is a perversion of and has no basis in nature, reason, science, research, reality or sense.
    Lie number 3: that a child displaying non-stereotypical interests is in need of gender change.

  3. charles lewis

    Correction to above: ‘for a man who begs’ should read ‘for a man to beg’.

  4. Mike G

    Just a thought, following on from Charles Lewis’ comment:
    If, as the trans community keep saying, “gender is between the ears and not between the legs”, then why on earth are they so preoccupied about changing the appearance of what’s between their legs?!?!

    Doesn’t that just go to show how hypocritical their ideology is?

    Just like when they say we need to get rid of stereotypes… yet a person isn’t allowed to buck the stereotypical trend without being referred to a gender clinic?!?!

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