Girls’ Schools Association: Stop Saying “Girls”

This week newspapers published a report that “leading headmistresses” have suggested that teachers at girls’ schools should consider using gender neutral language such as “pupils” or “students” in place of “girls” in their assemblies. Their recommendation came after Gendered Intelligence, a transgender activist group which runs “trans awareness training” sessions in schools, was invited to […]

What Trans Activism Means To Me As A Parent

The following is a guest post from a UK mother about her son’s path to a transgender identity and the effects on him of that diagnosis. It is a harsh indictment of the way the NHS has swallowed transgender ideology whole and the resultant failure in their duty of care to young people. It exposes […]

Mermaids CEO Reveals Her Views

Mermaids is a registered charity and the UK’s main support group for “gender variant young people” up to the age of 19, plus their families and the professionals involved in their care. Mermaids also provides resources and gives advice to schools, social services, local authorities, police forces, the NHS, Childline, Scouts and ‘many more.’ CEO […]

Introducing Teddy: New Trans Book For Kids

A new picture book for 0 – 5 year-olds is published by Bloomsbury tomorrow (June 2nd) ‘Introducing Teddy – A Story About Being Yourself.’ On the back cover it is described as ‘A heart-warming story about friendship and acceptance, starring a very brave teddy.’ The blurb on the Bloomsbury website explains the underlying educational aim of […]

No Analysis Of Non-Binary On BBC Radio 4

BBC Radio 4 continued with their one-sided and uncritical coverage of transgender issues on Monday evening (May 23rd) in failing to provide any analysis of the trend on ‘Beyond Binary,’ an episode, ironically, of the ‘Analysis’ series. The presenter admitted this from the start in a breezy statement which set the tone for the whole […]

Trans Kids On The Today Programme

BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Friday (May 13th) ran a feature on “trans kids” as part of their news item on President Obama’s letter instructing schools in the U.S. to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice. You can listen here (from about 02.10): and the full transcript can be seen here. […]

BBC2 Victoria Derbyshire

BBC 2’s morning news and current affairs show, Victoria Derbyshire, anounced last Tuesday morning (May 3rd) that the number of under 10’s presenting to gender clinics in the UK has almost doubled over the past year, from 87 to 167, of which three children are under three years old. Along with this announcement came follow-up […]

Why Brighton Council Is Wrong

Brighton Council defended its “choose your gender” school registration form last week in terms which revealed their complete misunderstanding of parents’ concerns and provided some insight into the confused thinking behind these policies. In this statement, for example, Councillor Emma Daniel, Head of Brighton Council Equalities Committee, completely misses the point: “We will review this to see […]

Media Triumph For Brighton Mothers

We’ve got a really positive and inspiring story for you this week, one which I hope will encourage everyone to take some action when faced with ridiculous examples of gender identity politics such as the one above. This is a pupil registration form which was sent out from Brighton & Hove City Council to parents […]

‘I Am Leo’ A Response To CBBC

Many thanks to Helen Saxby for writing this post in response to the BBC regarding their reply to her complaint about the CBBC programme ‘I Am Leo’ (previously written about here). It seems that everyone received the same reply from the BBC and we’re grateful to have Helen’s permission to repost here her brilliant responses […]