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Our response to FiLiA’s statement in support of a woman’s right to speak.


To everyone at FiLiA,

We would like to express our gratitude to you for your statement in support of a woman’s right to speak, and specifically in support of Heather Brunskell-Evans for urging caution around the transitioning of children on BBC R4’s the Moral Maze. It has been shocking and frightening to see Heather vilified, no-platformed and investigated by WEP for speaking with wisdom and compassion on a subject which is crying out for public debate. Medical transition of children is an untested experiment resulting in probable infertility and a lifetime of medication for children and young people who fail to conform to society’s stereotypes.

The silencing of all debate about the GRA and the erosion of women and girls’ rights and protections has left many women feeling very scared. Our daughters are growing up in a society in which they will have fewer rights than women of our generation, a world in which they will not even have the right to recognise and assert their own boundaries. They will face a world where males take awards, prizes and sporting trophies which rightfully belong to them, where they can expect no privacy in personal spaces and their safety is compromised in the name of ‘inclusion’, a world in which the word ‘girl’ itself has no definable meaning. We are already witnessing this.

We also thank you on behalf of all the parents who contact us at Transgender Trend and the families who have been devastated as a result of their child’s learned belief that synthetic hormones with irreversible effects are necessary in order to be their ‘authentic selves.’ Courageous women like Heather Brunskell-Evans who dare to speak out represent a beacon of hope for so many parents whose children have been encouraged onto this pathway by a powerful lobby enabled by an uncritical society.

We recognise the courage it took to put out a statement from FiLiA in the current climate. Our hope is that your statement will give other women’s organisations the courage to speak out too and finally we will have the public debate which has hitherto been suppressed by bullying tactics designed to scare women into silence.

Our thanks to you all.

Transgender Trend

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  1. Scout

    Well done Heather and well done Transgendertrend for flagging this up.
    I get frustrated by all the false facts flying around transgender issues.
    Go to YouTube and watch Transgender Agenda by Independent Man for factual facts.
    Good luck to all the parents out there fighting the tsunami of misinformation,

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