Launch of our RSE Guide for Schools

RSE guide

Today we launch our Inclusive Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) guide to the government’s statutory RSE guidance and resources from external providers. Our RSE guide is designed to help parents and teachers understand what the statutory guidance says and compares this to RSE resources provided by outside agencies.

Our RSE guide is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD here or you can order a printed copy from our shop.

This guide is essential reading for both parents and teachers. 

There are so many so-called “LGBT inclusive” guides now being produced by external agencies, it is critical to know what it is they actually teach. We have quoted from all the publicly-available materials we could find, and compared it with the statutory requirements as laid out in the Department for Education guidance for the new RSE curriculum.

We found that ‘LGBT inclusive’ resources focus on the ‘T’ and teach the concept of ‘gender identity’ as a fact rather than a belief. We show how identity and Queer politics and ‘sex positive’ feminism are linked as one movement and how this movement promotes unsafe sexual practices and commercialised sex, putting pressure on girls and silencing those who disagree.

We found that this guidance misrepresents Equality law, is in breach of the requirement to teach biological facts, undermines the principles of privacy, boundaries and consent, undermines safeguarding and erases sexual boundaries. It uses language to confuse children about biological sex and understand who is a man and who is a woman, putting children at risk.

It takes away girls’ right to understand their own female biology by using offensive and dehumanising ‘gender neutral’ language, such as ‘menstruators’, girls’ right to understand their own rights and protections in law and their right to name and define themselves as the female sex. It teaches children that some women have penises.

It reinforces gender stereotypes under the guise of challenging them and promotes medical intervention as normal for children and young people who reject those stereotypes.

Download our RSE guide here and read it now.

It is crucial that parents understand what ‘diversity and inclusion’ has come to mean and what this guidance is actually teaching your child in school.

Because demand is increasing from schools and educational professionals we are now charging for school packs. However, if you are a parent who wishes to give printed packs to your child’s school we can offer all packs at an 80% discount, using the voucher code PARENT80. We can send packs either to you or directly to your child’s school with a covering letter on request. We will not reveal your details. If money is tight, email us and we will send you a free pack, we don’t want any parent to miss out.

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    Thank you for pulling this vital information together.

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    Could you set it up so we can email it with an introductory cover letter to officials?

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    That’s really supportive
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