Transgender Trend has changed the conversation on the social and medical transition of children in the UK, and our influence has spread worldwide. Established in 2015, we were the first organisation to challenge gender identity ideology as applied to children and young people in both education and healthcare. We are respected as the trusted voice of expertise in this area. We have effected change through:

  • Analysis of the contested concept of internal ‘gender identity’ and the harms caused by the application of this ideology to children
  • Dissemination of research and evidence on medical interventions given to children on the basis of this ideology
  • Raising awareness of the politicisation of childhood and child development in service of an activist social justice movement
  • Providing a voice of opposition throughout the media: newspapers, tv, radio, documentaries and online platforms
  • Providing briefings for politicians and other policy makers
  • Publishing schools guides and children’s books as an alternative to harmful resources promoted to children
  • Consultation with media, policy-makers, organisations, schools, journalists, lawyers and professionals involved with the safeguarding of children
  • Speaking and presenting at conferences and events globally and throughout the UK, including in the House of Commons and House of Lords
  • Offering support and advocacy for parents
  • Acting as interveners in the groundbreaking Bell v Tavistock judicial review and advising on other legal cases

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This is a David and Goliath fight. We are up against well-funded lobby groups with full-time employees, while we are a very small team operating on a shoe‑string budget. We know how to make every £1 count as our record shows.

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