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consultation gender questioning children

The deadline for responses to the government consultation on the draft guidance for schools: Gender Questioning Children is Tuesday 12th March.

You can read the government draft guidance here.

There has been an active campaign by lobby groups to undermine the draft guidance and to encourage teachers, parents and children themselves to respond in opposition to it. Various activist groups have issued their own advice on how to respond, including Stonewall, Mermaids, Gendered Intelligence and Allsorts.

It is therefore critical that the voices of teachers and parents who are concerned about the infiltration of activist ideology into schools are also heard. We need as many sensible responses as possible to counter the number of submissions from the trans lobby. If you have any concerns about your child’s school and what your child is learning, here is your chance to tell government. If you are a teacher or other professional with concerns about safeguarding and the silencing of opposing views, your experience is especially valuable for the Department for Education to hear. If you are a concerned citizen, your view is also important; the consultation is open to everyone.

You can use our response to guide you.

There is also a very helpful guide from Sex Matters and responses from parent groups Our Duty and Bayswater Support.

Our view is that the government draft guidance is sensible, evidenced and well-intentioned. Our concern is that it leaves loopholes that will be easy for activist teachers or parents to exploit, and it does not give watertight protection for teachers acting within their professional competence to safeguard children. In your own response to each section, we advise:

  • Tick ‘yes’ if you think the section is reasonable overall (you can still put your comments). A ‘good faith’ balance of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ ticks may be considered more carefully.
  • Stick to the issue of children in schools, don’t go further into larger issues, for example your personal views on wider government legislation.
  • Speak from your position as parent, grandparent, carer, teacher, health professional etc and include your specific knowledge/area of expertise.
  • Use questions 41 and 42 to include more detail of your own personal experience and how this guidance for schools will affect you/your child.
  • If you don’t have much time, focus on a few questions that are the most relevant for you, you don’t have to comment on them all.
  • Use this guide to view the questions and write your answers on a Word doc so you can just copy and paste into the online consultation.
  • Use the guides here but write in your own words – it doesn’t have to be perfect, and using your own voice is more valuable than a well-argued essay!

Start your response now

(you can save and come back later at any point)

Thank you to everyone who responds.

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