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8.2 Written Media

An article from The Velvet Chronicle about a US teenage girl who detransitioned and was later diagnosed with Autism:

An article by Sian Griffiths for The Sunday Times, about an autistic teenage girl being treated at The Tavistock GIDS:

An article by Sian Griffiths for The Sunday Times looking at evidence presented to the High Couty by Professor Christopher Gillberg, about why girls who are autistic or anorexic appear more likely to say they want to become boys:–xx-meta=denied_for_visit%3D0%26visit_number%3D0%26visit_remaining%3D0%26visit_used%3D0&–xx-mvt-opted-out=false&–xx-uuid=0bd1da4c158dc054d064a794ede438da&ni-statuscode=acsaz-307

Daily Mail article about parents who were investigated by social services after refusing permission for their autistic son to commence puberty blockers (this pre-dates the High Court ruling regarding their use):

An article in The Gender Report Canada, outlining the reasons for the Swedish change in policy for treating gender dysphoric youth:

Guardian article about children and young people transitioning in Sweden which references Autism and ADHD:

Spectrum website article about Autistic girls possibly experiencing puberty early:

Article from the Daily Mail about Sue Evans and ‘Mrs A’, one of the claimants in the Keira Bell case:

One of the ‘parents story’ pieces on the GIDS website that references Autism:

Article by Dr Will Malone disputing the ‘born in the wrong body’ narrative.

Review of Australian drama First Day by transwoman Debbie Hayton:

PBS article about health problems in the US associated with Lupron:

Study into WPATH by Gender Report – Canada:

Article investigating Dr Jack Turban, an outspoken critic of Abigail Shrier’s book Irreversible Damage:

Interview in Feminist Current with three young women detransitioners in Germany:

Article about research indicating that autistic female masking increases mental health problems:

Article by Tania Marshall on early signs of Autism in girls:

Blog post by an autistic detransitioner:

Article by Dr Gill Prestidge about gender and autistic girls (archived version):

Daily Mail article investigating Autism in referrals:

Experiences of an autistic desisted woman:

Article about Keir Starmer’s (lack of) engagement with Mumsnet concerns:

Guardian article about trans lobby groups:

Daily Mail article about Keira Bell:

BBC article about Keira Bell:

Articles about resignations from Tavistock clinic:

Audio/visual Media

Channel 4 News report 23/01/21 regarding the Tavistock GIDS leave to appeal the Keira Bell High Court ruling. It features an interview with Dr David Bell, who references the high rate of autistic children being referred:

Interview with Professor Tony Attwood, from his ‘Ask Dr Tony’ series (September 2017) which discusses gender dysphoria (at 32:50 approx):

A second interview with Professor Tony Atwood from 2018 – although his message has softened somewhat, perhaps due to pressure in response to the growing controversy about the issue:

Discussion of Dr Tony Attwood’s call for an urgent enquiry into the overrepresentation of autistic children presenting at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

Interview with Consultant Psychologist Dr Sally Powis where she suggests that if you’ve always feel like you didn’t fit in, there’s a chance you might blame gender not the Autism:

Interview with Dr Sally Powis for the National Autistic Society

Benjamin Boyce interviews Dr Deborah Soh, author of The End of Gender and Abigail Shrier, author of Irreversible Damage about the effect of gender identity ideology on young people.

The Trans Train – a three part Swedish documentary exploring the work of the Gender identity Service for children and adolescents

Part One – An investigation into the unprecedented rise in adolescent girls experiencing gender dysphoria and being referred to the Sweden Gender identity Service The Trans Train (Swedish spoken, with English subtitles). – video Dailymotion

Part Two – A look at the viewpoint of Swedish politicians on the rise of gender dysphoric youth

Part Three – A look at detransitioners and transition regret (2) Trans Train 3 (Swedish docu with English subtitles) – YouTube

Part Four follows Leo an adolescent who started puberty blockers aged 11. Uppdrag granskning – Mission: Investigate: Trans children | SVT Play

Transgender Kids; Who Knows Best? – a BBC documentary exploring the best approach for parents to take when their child is facing childhood gender dysphoria.

Trans Kids – it’s Time to Talk a documentary by psychotherapist Stella O Malley, who experienced gender identity issues as a child. Trans Kids — Stella O’Malley (

The Call is Coming From Inside the House – a short documentary comparing the rise in trans identities with social contagion

Dysphoric – a four part documentary series on the rise of gender identity ideology, it’s effects on women and girls, especially in developing countries.

Dysphoric Part One

Dysphoric Part Two

Dysphoric Part Three

Dysphoric Part Four

Detransitioners – a video made by a group of detransitioners, some of whom are autistic

8.4 Research Papers ‘Taking the lid off the box’: The value of extended clinical assessment for adolescents presenting with gender identity difficulties (

Paper by Lisa Littman which led to her initial hypothesis about rapid onset gender dysphoria Parent reports of adolescents and young adults perceived to show signs of a rapid onset of gender dysphoria (

Sweden’s Karolinska Institute research into the risk of suicide in the autistic population New Study Finds Autistic Women More Likely to Attempt Suicide | The Mighty

Medscape coverage of the landscape of GIDS referrals in Sweden Referrals to Gender Clinics in Sweden Drop After Media Coverage (

Referrals to UK GIDS – figures over ten year period Referrals to the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) level off in 2018-19 (

Piece on the decision by the Karolinska Institute GIDS to end the use of puberty blockers.Sweden’s Karolinska Ends All Use of Puberty Blockers and Cross-Sex Hormones for Minors Outside of Clinical Studies | SEGM

Research on the issue of informed consent for children and adolescents Full article: Reconsidering Informed Consent for Trans-Identified Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults (

The interim report of the Cass Review into the Tavistock GIDS, which highlights the overrepresentation of neurodiverse children being referred to the service Interim Report