The mainstream press runs overwhelmingly positive and uncritical stories of ‘trans kids’ to the extent that it can feel like everyone agrees that diagnosing and labeling children ‘transgender’ is normal. There have been some alternative views published though, you just have to search for them. Here we collate articles published throughout the media which show that there is another view which receives much less mainstream attention.


A Parent Aims To Decipher A Teen’s Transgender Declaration

Psychology Today March 2017

“Our stance with our daughter is this: When you’re 18 years old, you’ll have legal rights. You can change your name. Take hormones. Make adult decisions about an adult topic. For now, she’s not going to wear a skirt or date a boy, or even date a girl. We’re going to strike a neutral pose so we don’t alienate her, because that’s a death sentence for adopted children with attachment disorders, and we’ve worked too hard to get her to attach and stay attached. At the same time, I’m not convinced she’s coming from a place of self-awareness.”

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Biology Isn’t Bigotry: Christians, Lesbians and Radical Feminists Unite to Fight Gender Ideology

Public Discourse March 2017

“The belief that one’s internal sense of self determines maleness or femaleness and that subjective feelings take precedence over an objective physical reality constitutes a severing of mind from body. Our sex is who we are: it can’t be amputated from our body like a limb. But the true believers in gender ideology are hard at work, pulling in converts to this gnostic worldview that shuns the material that we humans are made of: the body.”

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I told my class to call me Richard. Did that make me a trans kid?

The Daily Mail January 2017

“I’m all in favour of having a less pink/blue world, where girls must play with Barbie dolls, and boys with trucks and guns. This would help close the gender gap gently, and, somewhere over the rainbow, we might all live in perfect harmony like that old Coke ad. But I’m very clear on one thing when it comes to trans kids. Having sex is not legal until the age of 16. But children as young as nine can start the process of changing sex, enabled by their parents and the medical profession, and this way madness lies.”

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‘I’m grateful I grew up before children who don’t fit stereotypes were assumed to be transgender’

Daily Mail October 2016

“I thought we established years ago that boys don’t have to be macho and play with plastic swords. Girls are not obliged to dream of white wedding dresses with layers of satin meringue. It was one of the real, tangible victories of feminism: every child free to grow up as a human being, without pink or blue labels on everything they touched and did.”

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At four years old, identifying a child as transgender is too early

The Sydney Morning Herald September 2016

“Balance seems to have gone out of the window and alternative views have not been properly canvassed. Puberty is not even on the horizon for a four-year-old. Perhaps a little bit of ‘wait and see’ may be the best course of action?”

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The Tragic Transgender Contagion

National Review August 2016

“But we live in a world where if a troubled girl wants to become a man — to begin immediate hormone treatment that will dramatically alter her physiology, with the immediate hope of undergoing painful, life-altering surgery – she is encouraged, even celebrated. In this world, education professionals will stand by her side against reluctant parents. (Some parents have encountered teachers who simply refuse to call their child by her given name.)”

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Rupert Everett Warns Against Hormone Therapy For Children Who Question Gender

The Guardian June 2016

“I really wanted to be a girl. Thank God the world of now wasn’t then, because I’d be on hormones and I’d be a woman. After I was 15 I never wanted to be a woman again.”

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A Letter To My Little Girl, Who Identifies As A Boy

The Guardian May 2016

“You soon started to say that because you liked the boys’ things you must be a boy. You wanted to cut off your hair, refused to wear dresses and made puking faces if someone offered you something pink.”

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Not Gender Fluid Just Children

Brighton & Hove Independent April 2016

“At primary school, children should be able to play and learn freely, developing wide interests – without being taught that girls do one thing and boys another.”

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The Last Thing We Need Is ‘Transgender Days’ For Primary School Pupils

The Telegraph March 2016

“Have you had The Conversation with your children yet? Not the one about the birds and the bees, but the one about how some bees feel they are actually a bird trapped in a bee’s body, or a bee trapped in a bird’s body, or neither bee nor bird but somewhere in the middle of the bee-bird spectrum?”

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By Indulging The Whims Of Transgender Children We Are Losing The Innocence Of Childhood

The Telegraph March 2016

“But what hope do we have when our judicial system allows a transgender teen to cut off contact with his parents, or a health service which even makes provision for children who think they want gender treatment?”

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It’s Dangerous And Wrong To Tell All Children They’re ‘Gender Fluid’

The Spectator January 2016

“Their prime target, of course, will be children, whose young minds can be so easily manipulated. Trans and gender issues, says the committee, should be taught in schools as part of personal, social and health education.”

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Footballs And Fairy Costumes: Let’s Leave Off The Labels

Huffington Post November 2015

“In virtually every interview I’ve read, the transgender person refers back to their childhood, saying they knew something was wrong, because they preferred toys that weren’t “meant” for their gender.”

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The Transgender Experiment On Kids

Wales Arts Review October 2015

“Teaching children that it’s fine to be ‘atypical’ simply involves allowing children to play with whatever they want, encouraging all children in an expansive definition of what their sex can be, and having no tolerance for teasing or bullying of those children whose behaviour doesn’t fit the stereotypes for their sex.”

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Let Children Be Children – Without Jamming Them Into Gender Roles

Huffington Post April 2015

“There’s no innate reason for dresses to be deemed girls’ clothing – that’s just an (outdated) idea in our society, a cultural construction. If a boy wants to wear a dress, it doesn’t mean he needs his gender reassigned.”

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How Can A Child Of Three Need Transgender Counselling?

The Daily Mail April 2015

“There can be comfort in slapping a scientific name on your child’s behaviour, as if you were diagnosing an illness. And there is a powerful risk that professionals, fascinated by their own academic discipline, collude in that.”

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